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In this latest SCALPED volume, collecting issues #25-29 of the acclaimed series, we see the landscape of the Prairie Rose reservation and casino through the eyes of a newcomer — a card shark and con man — whose presence could spell doom for one of our main characters.

Back Blurb

Five's a crowd

Dash Bad Horse is a drug-addled soldier in the crime family of Chief Red Crow -but he's also the undercover FBI agent assigned to bring Red Crow down.

Baylis Earl Nitz is Bad Horse's FBI supervisor - but he's also on a bloody quest for vengeance against Red Crow that's much more personal than business.

Britt "Diesel" Fillenworth is a sociopathic thug in jail for multiple murders - but he's also Nitz's undercover ace in the hole.

Catcher is a burned-out alcoholic mystic - but he's also a former radical with secrets darker than anyone could imagine.

And a mystery man with a thousand faces has come to Red Crow's reservation to swindle its casino - but he also has a secret link to Dash that could destroy both halves of Bad Horse's double life.

Now a high-stakes heist has this powder keg of explosive personalities set to blow. Before it's all over, blood will be spilled, secrets will be revealed, and Dash's life will never be the same...

Writer Jason Aaron (THE OTHER SIDE, Wolverine) and artists R.M. Guera, Davide Furno and Francesco Francavilla present a pivotal volume in this Eisner Award nominated crime saga.

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