darkmatter23's Scalped #47 - You Gotta Sin to Get Saved, Part Three of Five: Hearted review

Lil Dino

After the last issue of Scalped, where Nitz rounds up his agent boys for war on the Rez, I was expecting this issue to hit hard, but it doesn't. Not that it is a bad thing. One of the reasons that Scalped works so well, is that it does this balancing act of "in yer face" violence and sentimental, thought provoking, relationships. If you are a reader of this series, then you know that there are a plethora of characters, all rich in unique personalities and life. And in the issue we follow Dino, as it seems he is starting to have feelings for someone what he shouldn't, for more than one reason. But the outcome of the situation has Dino set on a path that doesn't look like it is one that is filled with sunshine. 
If you are thinking about getting on this series, but feel like you are too far behind, don't fret. This series is a quick read and it will make you feel very good inside. Scalped is a supreme read.

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