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Sazzik the Sorcerer lived in Europe during the 15th century. Born to Gypsy parents, Sazzik was talented in the mystical arts and by the age of ten, his powers and knowledge of the dark arts exceeded that of even his teachers.


Sazzik was created by Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers, and an uncredited author for a story in Tales of Suspense #32.

Character Evolution

The 15th Century

Sazzik was born to Gypsy parents in Europe in the 15th century. From a young age, Sazzik showed skill in the mystic arts and was trained by other magicians. By the age of ten, his powers exceeded those of his teachers. Sazzik was soon made the ruler of the Gypsy tribe, but he desired greater power. Using his magic, Sazzik was soon on his way to becoming the most powerful man in Europe. Sazzik presided over battles, using his mystic powers to determine the outcome. After years of villainy, the sorcerer mysteriously disappeared and was heard from no more.

Sometime after his disappearance, a book chronicling Sazzik's life and exploits was published titled, The History of Sorcery: A Study In Black Magic.

Present Day

In the present day, centuries after Sazzik had disappeared, a producer of brutal crime programs for television named Boris Grumm, went to the library to brainstorm ideas for a new television program. There while reading The History of Sorcery: A Study In Black Magic, Grumm learned of Sazzik and decided to produce a television show based on Sazzik's life story.

During filming, Grumm ignored the pleas of the production crew to tone down the violent and terrifying show. Late on night, while alone, Grumm looked through the book and foolishly recited a spell from the sorcery book and conjured up Sazzik. The sorcerer, irritated at having his centuries-old slumber disturbed, banished Grumm to the “Netherworld”, then disappeared to return to his slumber.

Powers and Abilities

Sazzik had mystic abilities, the limits of which were unknown. He could levitate himself and others, and magically transmute other people and objects. Sazzik could also banish people into the limbo-like “Netherworld”.

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