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Not much is known about the evil madman that was Saxon St. John. It is known that he was a freelance developer of technology for the Club, that international group of arms dealers and terrorists. He worked for them when it was convenient for him to do so, which was whenever he needed their money. And, of course, their money ultimately financed his dream.
That mad dream, of course, was to create the ultimate union of man and machine.

Not too many people were sympathetic with this ambition, however, so Saxon found that he had to relocate to a place where no one could interfere with his work. With that in mind, the madman used his impressive funds to take over the small Caribbean island of Puerto Rojo, which is roughly ninety miles off of Miami (but missing Cuba by a good distance, somehow).

While there, he began to nab random local youths, brainwashing them and subjecting them to his terrible experiments. However, this eventually came to the attention of the Central Intelligence Agency, who was investigating the Club and all of its associates in order to shut them down for good. And, since some of his work involved combat armor, Project: Spitfire was eventually brought in.

In order to stop Saxon, they sent in Jenny Swensen and Willy Deere, who infiltrated the island and (after some leg work) identified Saxon's main headquarters. Breaking in, the two fell into a trap set by Saxon, who sicced two of his Synergy Cyborgs on them. The fight was going in his favor, until his ultimate experiment rebelled against him, turning the tide in the heroes' favor.

An American agent he'd captured recently, she was the final step in his research, a full transfer of the human consciousness into a robot body. She was incredibly weak, but kept Saxon busy until the two American agents could eliminate him. Of course, the strain of this was too great, and the full cyborg died with her mad creator. After this, Swensen destroyed his lab to end such evil research.

Since, of course, Willy Deere wanted to take it to the American government for further study...

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