god_spawn's Savage Wolverine #6 review

We finally get Savage!

Haven't written a review in....a month or two I think? Anyways....let's move get to it.

Good: I enjoyed this issue quite a bit. I think a lot of that stemmed from great character interactions, the dialogue flowed smoothly, and we get to see that side of Wolverine that a lot of fans of the character have probably missed; the killer one. Yes, the willing to get his hands dirty Logan that people love. It was good seeing the Elektra and Wolverine team up again. I think the characters complement each other very well and I can't wait to see them in action. The book is like a 180 from Cho's Wolverine and while I liked that arc, I felt he was missing aspects of the character for it to be a good representation of Wolverine. I think Wells does a better job at setting up a real savage Wolverine. But we will have to wait and see how it pans out. Oh, and it was awesome seeing the real Spider-Man show up. Him and Logan always have fun interactions and watching him play with the samurai swords and try and hit on Elektra was gold.

Aside from that, we get great art from Joe Madureira. His style is a bit...thick at times for my taste, but overall I liked it.

Bad: I can't really say anything bad from this issue. It wasn't perfect and an OMG 5 stars issue, but it did the job and set up a new arc that seems like it will be similar to a good popcorn flick/kung fu movie. If I had to pick something, like I said, I had some issues with the art, but for the most part it was great.

Recommended: While I may prefer Cho on art, this new arc has a very different feel from the previous one. And if you like a more serious Wolverine then get this one.

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