that60sguy's Savage Wolverine #3 - Savage Part 3: Kill Island review

“I’m Frank Cho, I draw beautiful women.”

Savage Wolverine has been a thoroughly enjoyable read from the beginning and issue #3 is the best of the lot. The series so far has had all the elements that make enjoyable comic books – fantastic art, solid writing, humour, a tension filled partnership between the lead and main supporting character as well as lots and lots of action. Furthermore the setting of the Savage Land adds an exotic location to the fold.

An instant classic panel

In this issue Cho shows of his mastery of not just drawing bodacious babes but of brutal fight scenes as well. There is a double splash page that you really need to check out. Without spoiling anything, the image has a large number of fighters taking part in close combat. Usually in a scene like this you can expect a lot of sketchiness and lack of detail on many of the fringe characters. Not so for Frank Co! The pure detail and accuracy of the characters anatomy really is something to behold. Speaking of anatomy, this comic contains (in my humble opinion) one of the greatest panels ever! It could easily be a scene in an awesome fantasy adventure movie.

The introduction of Amadeus Cho in the last issue has helped push the story forward a lot. The mystery of the monster island is beginning to be revealed to the point where an interesting sci-fi element has been added to the story. Two new characters have been developed and I for one am eager to see what role they play in future issues. Cho is spinning an interesting, although not complex, tale which should have the reader intrigued to the very end.

If you’re deciding which Wolverine series to stick with between this and Paul Cornell’s Wolverine, I recommend go with this one. Although Cornell’s is certainly an interesting read and it’s clear he is trying to provide Wolverine an enemy he has difficulty dealing with, Cho’s series is just more FUN! Unfortunately the writer/artist will be replaced after five issues and it seems this series will have a rotating team. Although next on the list are Wells and Joe Mad so there is definitely something to look forward to,

In summary, Savage Wolverine #3 = action, comedy, babes, dinos and fun. And you do like fun don’t you?


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