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Dynamite debuts a new Red Sonja mini-series -- The four issue "QUEEN OF THE FROZEN WASTES" mini-series features a story from Marvel Exclusive creator Frank Cho who is joined by veteran comics writer Doug (The 'Nam) Murray and by artistic sensation Homs, making his Hyborian debut.


The scene opens in an icy wasteland, where Sonja leads her army through the cold winds. Soon they come upon their quarry, another band of strong, armed men. The battle begins.

Sonja disposes of her enemies with ease, leaving alive no one who dares to confront her. It seems that the battle is drawing to an end, when suddenly a giant of a man appears before her. A blow from his weapon breaks her sword and cuts her ear. Angrily, Sonja stabs the man in his penis, but still, he continues his attack. Sonja thrusts her broken sword into his heart, and he grabs her throat. But this time, he is dead, and as he falls to the ground, he takes Sonja with him. Sonja knocks her head on a boulder and passes out. Sometime later, an ape-like being takes her away.

Sonja wakes up under a pile of dead bodies. She struggles her way out, and finds a thin old man looking at her intently. He says that there is no escape. Sonja quickly finds out why. The place is filled with hairy ape-like men, who have enslaved human males, and are watching over the prisoners. The old man says that these apes were once very harmless, but a few years ago, when a mysterious female came among them, the apes started attacking humans.

Sonja seems not to care. She gathers some men, and kills one or two guard apes. From above, a pale female figure watches the uprising, and smiles to herself. Sonja takes a few steps further, only to find her way blocked by a more ferocious ape.







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