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Trade one problem for another

I'm really glad that we're getting back on track with some of the marvel characters, and while this issue may not be perfect, it's definitely a fun ride. Marvel loves to cash in a lot these days which makes me happy that hulk, aside from the Original sin crapfest, is safe for the most part.

Anyways, the primary strength of this issue is probably the action here, it's been a long time since Hulk has been a part of some really cool fight sequences and I'm really happy that they brought in Hulks long time rival to really even the odds here. The fight is tough, rough and all around brutal as the powerhouses try to one up each other, and I have to say that I was a bit surprised at how Davis payed respect to the old days where Hulk was usually dominated at first, but turned the tide later as the fight progressed. However, I have to be fair and criticize the book for making a pretty big mistake. Abomination is basically just here because he hates the Hulk, and that's all we get. The greatest thing about a fight is the context or the idea behind it. I mean it's cool to see long time enemies duke it out, but they barely talk during the fight, which means it will never stand out. I would have much preferred if we were to actually feel the hatred between these to behemoths, or if abomination was working for leader or something like that. Still, Davis makes up for it because he actually gave abomination a personality, and while his motives were pretty simplistic, Emil still showed that he was just as capable with his mind as he was with his sheer power, considering he managed to play possum just long enough for him to get Intel on where the Hulk was. Moreover, In the last few panels of the fight the test of strength comes in to play, and hulk ends the whole ordeal on a very hight note. I know it's a bit fanboy-ish but I love how Hulks personality is portrayed here and I love how the last few moments play out. The writing style is really similar to how the story was constructed years ago, minus the constant narration that is, and while at times it may feel outdated, it sticks after a while.

Furthermore, there isn't much to say about this issue other than the fact that it's really fun. I love how the characters are written and I really like how eager Charles is to help Banner. *SPOILERS WILL FOLLOW*One thing I don't seem to understand though, did Jean absorb Hulks power though telekinesis? Is that even possible? I mean sure there was a huge Gamma surge but I hope the situation is better explained this time around. It's cool, I'll admit it but I hope they elucidate what happened.

In conclusion, I enjoyed it as a fun story because that's what I was expected from it. It's not groundbreaking or anything like that but as far as fun Hulk stories go, this issue feels right at home, though I hope that they do polish a couple of things, like the leader doesn't even do much here, I just know what his motivations are because of the previews, but for the people who don't, the issue should provide a few clues on what the egg head is up to, it'll give him more purpose for the time being.


Recommendation: Sure, why not?

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