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Deciding to use their heavy need to avoid Professor Ed's overly concerned and intrusive curiosity over Henry's Caroline clone's new ability to shift between dimensions into a vacation of sorts, Savage Henry takes Caroline to a fantasy-themed dimension full of pixies, dragons and wizards hoping to brighten up her mood.

Through a combination of Henry's clumsiness and inherent charm, they meet a poet spouting dragon named Lester who regails them with his writings. No sooner does he do this then they are all attacked by a soldier who identifies himself as a member of W.H.A.C.O. (We Hate All Creative Organisms), an inter-dimensional group whose sole purpose is to destroy any attempts at being artistically inclined. Savage Henry quickly sends the representative packing, but he just as quickly calls in reinforcements resulting in a sudden barrage of nuclear missiles. Unfortunately the missiles go off target a tad and instead strike a nearby castle who even more unfortunately is the home of a very powerful wizard named Iron-Thorn who is none to happy at having his castle destroyed.

The WHACOs are subsequently destroyed and Henry and Caroline, alone with their new dragon friend, go on with their vacation.

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