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With the rogue nuclear earth Goddess Hiroshima back in control of all reality concerning Bugtown and locking it down tight so there's no exit nor entrance, Professor Ed's computer Max fears the situation is getting far out of control and wonders aloud if Professor Ed shouldn't just pull Hiroshima's tape from the reality matrix and reprogram her existence while it's still an option. Professor Ed appears unconcerned as long as The Bulldaggers are involved and refuses to interfere. 
Back in Bugtown Hiroshima has all the Bulldaggers captured and openly torments Savage Henry by savagely feasting on his Caroline clone's blood. Fueled by his love for Caroline, Savage Henry is uncharacteristically angry and Hiroshima decides that feeding on his hate is almost as good as previously feeding on his innocence nature and further torments the whole lot of them. 
Unknown to all C'thulu holds onto Caroline's consciousness and just as Hiroshima has built herself up to a fever pitch exalting her Godly status over all in existence, C'thulu uses the previously forgotten about and forever falling Conrad Schnitzler to fall right onto Hiroshima. Childishly angry over such a personal insult and once again very distracted, C'thulu erupts out of Hiroshima's body and crushes her physical body into nothingness leaving only her consciousness. He reveals to her that when she used Bugtown and the sacrifices of all the lives in it as her power base, she inadvertently used his own power as hers and he was part of those destroyed and being an elder God he was able to dwell within her existence despite being physically obliterated. Since a God's power and existence relies heavily on the fears, hopes and beliefs of others, he uses Caroline's consciousness to assault Hiroshima's with mundane emotional issues that Hiroshima suffered with as a young women when she was human. He eventually causes Hiroshima to doubt herself and as soon as she does he negates her existence and she simply ceases to be. 
Now it's FINALLY time for the Bulldaggers to get ready for their upcoming and highly delayed concert.

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