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Surprised by her sudden ability to shift between dimensions, Henry's Caroline clone finds herself at Professor Ed's Canes Venatici base where she and a host of Max units quickly share information to figure out why and how Hiroshima is causing so much destruction. Caroline takes quickly to her new powers and immediately sets about attempting to rescue Savage Henry. She quickly figures out a way to sneak into Bugtown and hide her presence from the Nuclear Earth Goddess Hiroshima. As Hiroshima is busy killing a foolishly returning Monsieur Boche (who hoped that the bad times were over), Caroline revenges her dead clone sisters by killing Hiroshima's evil Caroline clone. 
Henry's Caroline clone then launches a series of obnoxious distracting attacks upon an enraged Hiroshima who become so unfocused that she doesn't realize that Caroline has lured her outside of Bugtown where her laws of physics no longer apply. This allows a multitude of Max units to appear and launch an all out assault on Hiroshima. Unfortunately Hiroshima's power is such that she quickly dispatches the Max units but not before they hurt her and diminish her power base. Hiroshima summons Savage Henry so she can kill him some more and replenish her power but Caroline interrupts this by telling Henry that Hiroshima hurt her and his love for Caroline is so great that even he actually now believes Hiroshima is evil rendering him useless as a pure innocent  to Hiroshima. 
Caroline then launches a final attack upon Hiroshima where she shifts her into a specially created trap dimension in which nobody but Caroline can shift out. She then beats Hiroshima down with a sledge-hammer and leaves her stranded in that dimension...a prisoner forever. Unfortunately Caroline brings the sledge-hammer back and once the blood off of it from Hiroshima touches the ground Hiroshima quickly resurrects herself interrupting the celebration.

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