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Savage Henry has gone missing...again! He has returned to the outback to take down the giant monster Gurumuka that had harmed his Caroline Clone by biting out the back of her neck. When Savage Henry easily defeats the monster, the creature calls out for help and as Savage Henry attends to their collective demise Hiroshima appears claiming she is returning to his band The Bulldaggers. She then promptly causes a nuclear explosion killing Henry and feasting on his innocent life with unusual pleasure. 
It turns out that Hiroshima actually orchestrated the attack on Henry's Caroline clone by the Gurumuka in order to obtain her DNA and create a perverted, twisted, and wholly evil version of a Caroline clone. This clone is now doing Hiroshima's bidding by systematically torturing and killing every Caroline clone she can find. Hiroshima's Deadly Rites tour has truly begun...but what is her goal, why did she kill and resurrect Nash the Slash,  and why is she stopping by Narcosis Labs for a visit?

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