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608313 Rogo Character Overview 01/13/15 08:45AM 1 Approved
448766 RazielWraith Character Overview 05/31/14 07:56AM 16 Approved
448757 RazielWraith Character Overview 05/31/14 07:37AM 22 Approved
408104 RazielWraith Character Overview 04/08/14 03:06PM 57 Approved
297369 RazielWraith Character Overview 12/08/13 10:39PM 3 Approved
279149 jloneblackheart Character Overview creator 11/15/13 10:51PM 5 Approved
201257 guttridgeb Character Overview 09/02/13 03:01PM 3 Approved
199585 Arathorn_II Character Overview The One Ring 08/31/13 12:56PM 3 Approved
199569 Arathorn_II Character Overview Powers I putted in: Darkness Manipulation - He controls the Darkness inside Mordor Heat Generation - He killed Gil-Galad by generating heat and touching him Swordsmanship - Sauron used a sword Weather Control - Sauron also controled the weather above Mordor Necromancy - Sauron was able to create ghosts, including the Nine Ringwraiths I've also got a little suggestions to put in the list with powers: Charismatic, Master Deceiver, Corruption and Alternating Substance 08/31/13 12:41PM 11 Approved
141379 Arathorn_II Character Overview The first one was without the picture. This one is with the picture. 07/07/13 04:41AM 150 Denied
141369 Arathorn_II Character Overview 07/07/13 04:37AM 150 Denied
134672 Arathorn_II Character Overview 07/02/13 03:43AM 1 Approved
42844 User3004213 Character Overview The coat of arms that Sauron bore was black charged with a red eye. 04/30/13 02:12AM 1 Approved
18742 jloneblackheart Character Overview publisher 04/12/13 03:44PM 8 Approved

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