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Eve Aries is an native of Titan a moon of Saturn. Eve grew tired of the crime-free life on Saturn's moon and left the planet. She quickly fell into life of crime and became member of Legion of Super-Villains. Saturn Queen is formidable telepathic.


Saturn Queen was created by Jerry Siegel and Curt Swan.

Character Evolution

Original Continuity: New Earth

Silver Age

Saturn Queen (Silver Age)

Saturn Queen appeared in alternate timeline, where a young teenage Eve was coerced into working with future vision of Lightning Lord and Cosmic King. She and two them form the Adult Legion of Super-Villains. She and her teammate battle against Superman and the Adult Legion of Super-Heroes. Eve was defeated when Saturn Woman tells Superman that Eve life of crime only begin when she left Titan. So with this Superman flow to Saturn and moved some of the debris from Saturn's rings to Earth. This cause Eve to lose her evil urges and turn on her teammates. She vowed to return to Saturn and reform.

Bronze Age

Saturn Queen (Bronze Age)

This is a different version of Silver Age Saturn Queen. After Eve left Titan, she allied herself with Dynamo Boy who formed the Legion of Super-Villains with Lightning Lord and Cosmic King. She and her team fought against the teen Legion, but she and her teammates betrayed Dynamo Boy and sent him trillion years into the future. Saturn Queen and her teammates were defeated by Legion and captured by the Science Police, Saturn Queen vanished en route to Takron-Galtos.

Retroboot: New Earth

Saturn Queen (New Earth)

The Bronze Age Saturn Queen storyline picks up before "Five Years Later". Saturn Queen is locked up Takron-Galtos, when Superboy-Prime and other member LSV are free. Eve is a member of Superboy-Prime the Legion of Super-Villains. In this continuity, she uses her telepathy to probe deep into peoples' minds and expose their worst secrets and hidden desires, hindering their willpower and breaking their defenses long enough for her comrades to strike. She has a hand in the death of Rond Vidar, breaking his concentration and making him unable to use his Green Lantern power ring long enough for Superboy-Prime to snap his neck. She was later seen attacking Saturn Girl alongside with Esper Lass, but she was then stopped by the Saturn Girls of Earth-247 and Earth-Prime. The three Saturn Girl's teamed up to prevent Eve from warning Prime about what the Legion's next plan of attack by Kid Flash.

Major Story Arcs

Original Continuity: New Earth

Silver Age:

Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

Eve reappeared with her teammates as they traveled back in time to Superman era, after the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Where she and others team-up with Brainiac/ Lex Luthor , in which they help kill a super-power Lana Lang. Saturn Queen and Adult LSV return back to the future after which Superman wont to kill them for dead of Lana.

Absolute Power

Eve returns

Saturn Queen and her teammate time traveled back to the 20th century to New Earth timeline, where they change the course of history by murder the parents of Batman and Superman. They adopted the two and raise them as their own children in hopes to created an alternate reality. When Bruce is killed in battle, Eve is the only one to shed tears who she calls her "son". Later, Superman and Batman win the battle with the help of Adult LSH. As result this win the antimatter wave from the Crisis on Infinite Earths erase her timeline.


Queen of Kandor

But, Saturn Queen somehow managed to survive in the new multiverse after the Infinite Crisis. She found herself in the shrunken city of Kandor where she finds another cosmic survivor Ultraman from Earht-3. She long to feel like a mother again she used her telepathy to convert Uiltraman into believing she was his mother. The mother-son duo proceeded to re-shape Kandor in their own image, Eva ruled Kandor mostly from behind-the-scenes. When Supergirl shown up and defeated Ultraman, Eve mind-control Supergirl into marrying her to Ultraman. Then Power Girl shown up, Eva tried to mind control her,but she had over exhausted herself. In which she lost control of her influence over the people of Kandor. Eva still had control of Ultraman mind and managed to convince Supergirl not to kill her son in exchange for information.Then Supergirl and Power Girl left Saturn Queen with her son to the mercy of the rebellious people of Kandor.

Bronze Age:

Five Years Later

Saturn Queen (Five Years Later)

Five years later after the Magic Wars, a reform Saturn Queen was seduced by Matter-Eater Lad, which she married him. She was wiped out of existence during Zero Hour.

Retroboot: New Earth

Leader of The New Legion of Super-Villains

Eve Leader of LOSV

After the battle with Legion, she was defeated and sent Takron-Galtos. But, she escape the prison planet and she created chaos to cover up her escaped. She also recruits new members for her Legion of Super-Villains on a quest of blue flame being to destroy three elements of the universe.

Powers and Abilities


She has the ability to communicate with others using only the power of the mind. This is a natural power of all Titanians one of which they cannot turn off. This power allows her a number of mental and psychic abilities.

Mind Control

She has powers to take over minds of anyone she pleases. However it is more difficult for her to control multiple minds at the same time.


Eve can manipulate the minds and impose her will on selected targets. Being easier to suggest minds rather than take hold of them she can use this ability in tandem with her mind control to affect multiple people.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 110 lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair: Red

Other Versions

Second Vision

In a tale where the Legion watched the dreams of Douglas Nolan. Who showed glimpses of a possible future were Adult LSV Saturn Queen fights the teen Legion of Super-Heroes.

Other Media

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