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Satsuki Yatoji was born in a family who didn’t care about her. When she grew, her abilities of Dragons of Earth raised. She became a genius of computer science. The freemasonry required her service. Her parents forced her to accept. She was boring to help them. When she received a message from Kanoe to join her as a dragon of Earth, she accepted and killed all the freemasonry. She accepted to join them because she wanted fun.


Satsuki and Beast
Time elapsed and the only pleasant thing that Satsuki has is Yuto Kigai. She loves spending time with him. Even if she has Beast, there is nothing to do until the arrival of Kamui Shiro. Satsuki confirms he is Kamui. Kanoe sees in Hinoto’s dream that Fuma Mono and Kotori Mono are his weakness.

She informs it to Satsuki. She is waiting the right moment to play with Kotori. Before that she continues to observe through Beast whereas Kanoe reveals Yuto that the Sacred Sword has been stolen. Yuto thinks it was Sorata Arisugawa the responsible. Satsuki arrives and contradict him. Indeed she discovered that Sorata is a monk from Koya Mount, so he is one of the Seven Seals. Kanoe asks Satsuki to find the sacred sword. With the help of Beast and her natural capacity to communicate with computers, she finds that the robber is a young man with a mark composed of petals on his forehead. This last information astonishes greatly Kanoe.

Play and Research

One day when Kotori goes to her periodical medical alone through the ravaged street where Kamui and Daisuke Saiki fought, Satsuki decides to kill her. Suddenly, electrical cables attack Kotori. Just in time, she is saved by a strong man. The electrical attack continues but the man stops it with strong attacks. The man tells Kotori to be careful, especially near Kamui’s house; then he leaves jumping from roof to roof. Underneath the City Hall of Tokyo, Yuto looks at Beast when Satsuki is electrocuted. Satsuki reassures Yuto showing him she isn’t injured. Yuto thinks it is a Dragons of Heaven who attacked Satsuki. Kanoe arrives at this moment explaining that the Kotori’s savior may be a dragon of Earth. She requires Satsuki to find information about him.

She doesn’t need to do it because when Fuma wakes up as the Kamui of the Earth, Kusanagi comes by himself. Satsuki confirms that Fuma is Kamui when he comes at the city hall with Kakyo Kuzuki. Fuma introduces himself and Kakyo to others. Satsuki informs that the last angels come there with the sacred sword.

Fuma requires Satsuki to download all the data about Nataku. She does it. So Nataku hasn’t need Tojyo Pharmaceutical now. Kanoe, Yuto and Satsuki are wondering about Fuma’s behaviour.


Satsuki asks Yuzuriha a difficult question
Annoyed, Satsuki decides to destroy a kekkai. She chooses Shinjuku. She begins the destruction when Yuzuriha intervenes and creates a kekkai in order to protect citizen. Yuzuriha is wondering where could be the angel responsible of this earthquake. Through Beast, Satsuki sees Yuzuriha attacking with Inuki electrical cables and decides to have a talk with her. By the intermediary of a giant screen, Satsuki introduces herself as one of the dragons of Earth. Yuzuriha asks her why she accepts to destroy buildings where people are. Satsuki returns the question saying why not killing people. She thinks human being is an animal like others. Because he is superior to others, he can kill everything he wants. But angels are superior to humans. So why cannot she kill people? Yuzuriha doesn’t find any answer. Satsuki attacks her, but sacrifice itself in order to protect Yuzuriha. She doesn’t support this sacrifice, tears in tears and faints. The kekkai is dissipated. Hopefully, Kusanagi is there to rescue her. Yuto joins Satsuki telling her she asks a difficult question. For Satsuki, there is no good answer. Whereas Yuto thinks the answer is: Because some people will be sad. Beast sees this tender discussion.


Days past; Satsuki observes Fuma destroying Ebisu in order to inform Kanoe. Kanoe is worried about the angels’ behaviours and has a bad feeling about Fuma. Satsuki decides to destroy another kekkai. She chooses Inogashira. Yuzuriha and Arashi are already there and Arashi launches a kekkai. Beast attacks Yuzuriha and Arashi. They dodge each attack. But Yuzuriha stumbles and Beast continues to attack her. At this moment Inuki transforms itself in a huge shield in order to protect Yuzuriha. Then it transforms itself in a sword which permits to Yuzuriha to attack electrical cables. Satsuki is surprised to see a reincarnated Inuki, but she doesn’t care because major party of the Earth will be destroyed. The only thing she cares is the behaviour of Beast. When Satsuki says she will be late for a tea party with Yuto, Beast hurts her. Satsuki requires it to attack Inogashira.

Satsuki let Beast finish the work whereas she goes with Yuto. Beast launches a huge attack in order to achieve Arashi. But a gohodoji appears and receives the attack instead. Kamui arrives with a badly wounded Sorata. Arashi understands that the gohodoji belongs to Sorata. Arashi doesn’t support this scene. Sorata is happy to see Arashi healthy. Kamui requires Arashi to cancel her kekkai in order to help Sorata. She does it whereas Beast observes jealously Satsuki.

Powers and Abilities

High Jump

Like every dragon, Fuma could jump the high of a building.

Computer Control

Satsuki has a natural capacity to communicate with computers.


Satsuki is very smart. She created Beast, a computer which is a thinking entity.

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