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Citizenship: India

Place of Birth: unknown

Marital Status: single

Occupation: Superhero and Adventurer


Height: 5'8"

Weight: 135 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Brief History

Sati is a protector of the people of India in her home dimension. Some time in the past she met and befriended both Beast and Cecelia Reyes of the X-Men. She is said to have been adversaries for ages with the demon goddess Kalima. She serves India along with Skanda.

She enters the story after being pursued by the followers of Kalima and she crash landed on Genosha where GeNEXT came to her aid. She quickly formed a bond with member Rico and the two went on a walk together and she introduced him to her uncle who shared his love of music.

Powers and abilities

Sati is capable of flight at subsonic speeds. Nigh invulnerability and a degree of super strength that remains undetermined. If her story is true she has a delayed aging process or she may be immortal.


The name Sati is taken from Hindu legend much like most superheroes in india. She is named after the granddaughter of Brahma, the creator.

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