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In 1955, a group of scientists in Antarctica witnessed an explosion. Arriving at the explosion site, the scientists discovered dozens of burned bodies, some of which didn't appear to be human. One of the bodies looked like a mechanical exoskeleton and this body was the being known as Sathanas. Suddenly, Sathanas woke up and killed all the scientists except for one. Sathanas used the scientist that he spared as an inside man to meet Senator Aldus Hilltop. Keeping Sathanas' existence a secret, the three men create Project Next Men. The goal of this experiment was to take babies that had been abandoned by white mothers and experiment on them to create super-humans.

Aldus Hilltop

Senator Aldus Hilltop was a corrupt, power-hungry man who rose through the political ranks until he reached the White House. Around the same time that he took office, the genetically-engineered super-humans of Project Next Men escaped the laboratory where they'd been created. Aldus attempted to use them as a resource for his machinations, eventually even sleeping with the young Jasmine after her memory had been damaged and she'd been tricked into believing she was his wife. Unknown to him, sex with any of the Next Men served as a catalyst for "triggering" a radical evolution in humans, mutating them.

Sathanas in the year 2112

Sathanas as it turned out, was a being from the year 2112, who had threatened the entire world with a mutant uprising. He'd been driven from his own time along with many of his followers, and hence wound up being found horribly injured on Antarctica back in 1995. Sathanas eventually died from his injuries, but unbeknownst to him, a man named Thomas Kirkland had pursued him from 2112 for a secret mission. Kirkland broke into the White House along with the Next Men, where they discovered the mutated Hilltop having gained a thirst for human life-forces. Kirkland blew up the building, killing himself. Hilltop survived, albeit horribly injured, and his charred remains were retrieved from the ruins by subordinates of his who outfitted him with Sathanas' cyborg remains. Kirkland's mission was shown to have failed. He had gone back in time to kill Aldus Hilltop in order to prevent what Sathanas had gone back in time for - Sathanas had come to ensure his own genesis, that of President Aldus Hilltop becoming Sathanas.

Powers & Abilities

Sathanas has the mutant ability to drain life energy from others and has been heavily modified with cyborg component. Even as a cyborg, he requires no other external energies except for regular intake of others' life force. By supplementing his own life force with stolen life he can slow down his own aging drastically; he needs to drain approximately 2-3 people per year in order to stop his aging completely.

His cyborg body makes him super-humanly strong and resistant to virtually all types of damage. He's also been shown to be capable of discharging electrical charges from his suit to stun opponents.

As Aldus Hilltop, Sathanas has lived a long life as a business man and politician. Although his is not a scientist, knows an extensive amount about genetics, electronics, and other various technical sciences. Sathanas is also an extensive planner who is said to cover for any and all contingencies.

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