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Satan's Saints were a biker gang with at least five known members. Dismissed by Cyclops as "refugees from an old Brando movie",. The gang seems to have based their image on "The Wild One" (1953), an outlaw biker film starring Marlon Brando. Their own leader was one Rocky "the Rock" Rhodes. 
Rocky asked Zelda Kurtzberg out on a date and was rejected. In retaliation Rocky led his Saints in wrecking the Cofee A-Go-Go where Zelda used to work and hang out. They burst in on their motorbikes, interrupting the birthday party of Robert Drake (Iceman). All active X-Men were in attendance along with their love interests (Zelda, Vera Cantor and Candy Southern). A battle between the two groups soon started. 
Iceman managed to cover part of the floor with ice. Causing Rocky to loose his balance and collide with the nearest wall. Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Warren Worthington (Angel) didn't have to use their powers. When another member of the biker gang charged against them, the two mutants used a nearby table as a ramp. Their surprised opponent found himself flying and let go of his bike. Ending up hanging from the ceiling. 
Jean Grey (Marvel Girl) took out two opponents with a single move. She telekinetically moved the helmet of biker Red-Bone, using it to cover his eyes. The suddenly blinded biker collided with one of his own teammates. Exactly what Jean intended for them. The fifth member of the gang attempted to flee the battle scene. But Hank McCoy (Beast) kicked him in the face, ending the battle. 
All five Satan's Saints were taken away by the police. 

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