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One day, in his lab, Dr. Sumdac notice something glowing, as he inspects, he notice some sort of "lequid metal" in shape of an infant, and upon touching it, it took a sample of his DNA and thus, Sari Sumdac was "born." Dr. Sumdac keep this from his daughter, wanting to tell her that she was a robot when she was old enough to handle.

Powers, Items, and Abilities:

All Spark Key:This was once a Security ID Badge Sari used in Sumdac Systems, but it was charged by the All Spark and shares it's energy and properities. It is able to instantly repair any Tranformer, ranging from damage frames to reviving Optimus after he went off-line for short period. Sari normally used her key recklessly,. such as amping her toys and pratical jokes, but she later on used it mostly to help repair the Autobots and used it to detect All-Spark Fragments. She latter used up all the Key's power to upgrade herself, leaving the key useless, but gave her new abilites; such as "hearing" machines to help her make them work better.

Jetpack: A Christmas gift from her father to help Sari cover more groundnow that she took on a bigger role with helping the Autobots. It transfroms from a scooter, to jetpack that can fit on her back.

Martial Arts: When she lost her home and lived with the autobots' secret base. Prowl gave her self defense lesson such as nerve striking for her safety and has very minimal Autobot training

After learning she was a cybertronian, Sari gain the ability to fire small energy bursts from her hands. Sari wanted to use her new powers to help the Autobots when a giant space rock monster appeared in Detroit after a transwarp accident, but they still saw her unfit for battle. Upset, Sari decided to use the key to upgrade herself, turning her into a teen and gave her battlemode armor, equipt with laser skates, razor-edge tonfas, and even a hammer. This new form even allows her to breathe in space.

Alternate Realities

Shattered Glass

Sari was a vicious killer who removed the eyes from her victims, the first eye she claimed was from Isaac Sumdac, her "father" who then kept her caged and experimented on and tortured her for years..

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