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Character History

Sarah was an only child, raised Catholic by a construction foreman father, and an educator mother in St. Louis, Missouri. She attended the University of Missouri - St. Louis, holds degrees in Criminology and Criminal Justice, and was once a police officer. 
Sarah became a Central Intelligence Agency deep-cover agent, the lover of teammate Robert Hawkins, and a participant of Project Red Bell. Sarah was a traitor to her entire team, declaring her allegiance to those responsible for the September Attacks. Sarah feigned her own kidnapping to obtain the device from Robert Hawkins, but before the weapon could be delivered, the nuclear attacks were initiated. 
Sarah comes to Jericho, Kansas following the nuclear attacks, and the deaths of the remaining members of Project Red Bell, posing as a refugee. She plans to steal the 20-kiloton nuclear device for herself, and double-cross her employers. Initially, Mason is able to gain the trust of Hawkins, but he begins to suspect that she is a traitor, and Sarah takes his son, Samuel, hostage in order to obtain the bomb. A brawl ensues between Robert and Sarah, and Mason is killed by Allison Hawkins, who shoots the woman in the back to save her father. 
The ASA declares Sarah a terrorist to be shot on sight, alleging that she played a hand on the nuclear attacks on the country, in order to suppress the information that she has. Major Beck leads the hunt for Sarah, and damages his reputation in the process. The enigmatic John Smith calls the major, and reveals enough to frame Robert as the terrorist and "temporarily" cost him the nuclear device. 

Powers And Abilities

Sarah was a highly-intelligent and athletic woman, well-versed in espionage, weaponry, and technology. She was trained in the martial arts, and was once shown killing one of her contacts with her bare hands. If not for the intervention of Allison Hawkins, Sarah most likely would have killed Robert during their fight. 

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