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After Charlie Gilmour makes it to Yggdrasil, providing a way for the Abonsam, Bet and Fenris to get there unharmed, they fulfill their promise in letting him see his wife and child again, though he no longer remembers their names. It is than that Abonsam reveals Charlie never killed his wife and child and that in fact he had replaced them with life-like clay beings, and put the real Bobby and Sarah in his bag. So, he now takes them out and lays them on the floor, offering them to Charlie, with a small string attached of course.

At the roots of Yggdrasil, Sarah Gilmour lay on her side, clutching her son to her chest, she was still and motionless, unaware that standing over her her husband Charlie held a mighty sword as Fenris whispered into his ear to slay her, seeing as he would have done so already if not for Abonsam's intervention. Charlie of course does not want to slay his wife, but he learns that the reason he is supposed to is because slaying your own kin is Fyrir Haft, "the first and worst of all crimes, the breach through which nature bleeds". It than becomes clear that Sarah and her son were but pawns in The Wolf's scheme to end creation, their deaths meant to bring an end to everything...but throughout all of this she is unconscious and knows not what is going on.

But her life is spared, at least temporarily as Fenris is called away from his whispering to Charlie to deal with more important matters, but hope is still out of reach as he leaves Bet Jo'gie, the seductress to convince Charlie that slaying his wife and son is the right thing to do. Toying with his sick mind, she begins to use her pheromones to conquer him, telling him if he should do as he's told, than the bodies of his wife and son will become the bed he and her couple upon. This pleases him greatly and his eyes widen as he begins exclaiming, "Oh yes! God yes!" It seems like all is at an end for Sarah and Bobby, and they won't even know what happened, but that was not their destined end, for instead of slaying them, Charlie slices Bet Jo'gie into shreds with the sword, saving his family that he loves so dearly.

This seems to be what awakens Sarah and she calls out to her husband, afraid, she asks him what is happening, but he does not tell her the truth, all he can do is tell her it is a bad dream, and that soon they will wake up. Fenris of course spoils this reunion as he tells them that the dream is their lives and that they will wake to nothing, and begins approaching the Gilmours. Charlie steps in front of his family, bravely preserving their lives until we realize Fenris was out to kill Charlie rather and he cuts him down before Sarah's eyes, telling her, "Do not mourn him, woman. In this time of endings, he is merely gone a little way before."

Sarah is then left in utter confusion, holding Bobby, with no one to explain things to her, to guide her, leaving her frightened and unable to do anything to stop what is happening, she begs Lucifer (not knowing who he is) to get her and her son out of Yggdrasil, but he tells her she should simply wait a little longer, for all may become meaningless soon anyway, concerning Michael's death. And when Michael does die, the Dunamis Demiurgos is released, consuming all around the tree...her included, leaving her fate, for the time at least, unknown.

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