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Sara and Sex Demon King Shadahl

Sara is a bird-familiar from magical dimension and the loyal servant of the Evil Sex Demon King Shadahl. She aided him in his plan to abduct all the beautiful women of the land and rape them into submission with his sexual magics. Just as his plans for world domination were nearing fruition. The three warrior-heroines, Maria, Eclair, and Miina, discovered his hide out. Before he could win, the three nearly defeated and kill him. It was Sara who saved him in the last second by sending his soul away to be reincarnated. Sara discovered that she had mistakenly mixed a reincarnation spell with a transportation and sent his soul to another dimension to be reborn. She left the dimension find her master on Earth and begin once more.


Power Play! JPN (Feb 2012)

Sara (サラ, Sara) is a main character of the manga series Power Play! that was created by Yamatogawa. It originally began publication by Akaneshinsha's TENMA Comics in 2011.

Her first appearance was in Power Play! Volume 1 CH. 0 "Power Play #0".

Sara shares the same name and character design as the character Sara Saionji from another Yamatogawa created titled Witchcraft. Both are white haired girls with dark skin who wear their hair primarily in pigtails and can use magic. However, the magics they use are vastly different, and Sara Saionji is a human witch with the power of mainly just hypnosis.

Major Story Arcs

Powers & Abilities

Sara isn't a human but a dark being from another realm and has many abilities that are beyond those of a human. She can not only fly but has many enhanced magical skills.

Flight & Transformation

Sara's partial Demon Bird form

As a bird familiar, Sara's original form is that of a small bird that can also transform into a human woman. This gives her the ability to fly. However, she's not limited to one form over the other. She also has partial transformation where she can be mostly human with feathers and wings that will enable her to fly.


Silence Magic

Sara has a silence magic that can prevent a person from speaking. She used this on Sadaharu to quiet him as she gave him oral sex in a restaurant.

Teleportation Magic

Sara has a magical form of teleportation. This not only allowed her to cross other realms, but she also used it to let her see images from the other side of her teleport. She used this to watch Sadaharu and Maria having sex in a mall changing room. The teleport acts more as a bridge between locations. She doesn't need to step completely into the teleport for it to be active. She can only stick her top portion through while her other half sticks out the other end. This is how she taunted Eclair while still also at Sadaharu's place.

Destruction Magic

Sara has the ability to cast a magic that can destroy matter with the simple wave of her hand. She used this to destroy a wall where she first met Sadaharu. She can also use this spell to varying degrees. She has used it to destroy the clothes of women in a large area, leaving their bodies unharmed; and it's still powerful enough to break down the armor of the Magic Kings simply my touching it. The armor of Maria pulled apart at Sara's touch like paper.

Body Manipulation

Another magic Sara has is the ability to manipulate Sadaharu's biology. With this she could keep his erections solid for as long as she wishes. Later, she used this ability to keep Sadaharu ejaculating continuously. These powers were also able to split him into three copies that could act independently as she had sex with all of them.

Matter Construction

Sara can use magical energies to form an organic phallus to any size she wishes. She can feel the sensations of this magical-coiled penis as she had anal sex with Maria when she trapped them in the air above the town.

A similar spell was used in conjuncture with Sadaharu's laptop when she unlocked the swimsuit-mode of the game he had based on his previous life. This surprisingly put all of the girls from the game, including Sara, in swimsuits in real life. Sara and Eclair were in school-style swimsuits.

Flight Magic

While Sara and Sadaharu had sex with Maria together in the incredibly heights above the city, Sara used a magical spell that allowed Sadaharu to fly so he wouldn't worry about falling. These created impressions on his back of wings and small magical energy wings that floated close to his back.

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