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Sara Shapiro is daughter of Professor Ivo, much of her past is unknown.


Sara Shapiro was created by  Peter Milligan and Carlos D'Anda 

Character Evolution 

 Sara Shapiro
Sara worked with her father to created Kid Amazo, by donor of  her ova with bio-mechanical material from Amazo's body. After an earthquake at Ivo Lab which damage Kid Amazo live-tube, before he was full programming. They sent Kid Amazo to a collage and give him name Frank Halloran. Professor Ivo assigned her to be Halloran handler, she become a college student. She started a with relationship Halloran. Soon Halloran finds out that Sara is Ivo's daughter and his mother. He lost it and goes fights the Justice League of American, where he is destroy. Sara is left to mourn her son/lover. 

Major Story Arcs

Powers & Abilities

Other Versions

Other Media

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