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Sixteen year old runaway Candice Jean Gennaro

Candice Gennaro, is a sixteen year old runaway and street thief who has been living on the streets of San Diego, California for a month. One day while stealling food she stumbles onto the scene of a two-way battle between Lord Kobra and his green armored forces, and Lady Eve's black armored splinter faction of the Kobra organization. Candy ends up trapped inside a forcefield thrown up by Kobra to keep the Justice League from finding them. Candy then tries to run away but falls into Kobra's Sea Serpent submarine. After being knock out from the fall she sprains her shoulder and decides to hide in the submarine's airduct. She then overhears Lord Naja-Naja himself discussing the properties of the Serpent's Egg in the company of two mutated Serpent Men and several human lackeys. The Serpent's Egg is an alien artifact that fell to Earth centuries ago, it has psycho-interactive properties that would make the perfect armor. Kobra decided to steal the gem when he discovered that it was no longer dormant. After they left Candy finds out she is heading for the Indian Ocean.

The Serpents Egg bonding to Candy

Thinking she won't be able to hide long enough, and be killed she begins to lose hope. But after thinking why she ran away from home gains enough courage to get out the airduct and steal the Serpents Egg. But no soner does she touch it begins to bonds to her body forming a nearly impenetrable second skin which allows her to battle and escape Kobra's minions and the submarine. After making her into the throne room she overhears them reporting what happened to Naja-Naja. After seeing him kill his men Candy decides to ditch the egg but discovers it life bonded to her. After sneaking away and listening to the guards Candy is able to find and destroy their force field. No sooner the Justice League arrives and Candy is able to sneak away and break out of the sub by turning into a arrow. After reaching the air Candy sees the sub explodes worrying about the Justice League almost decides to check if they are alive changes her mind and flys away. Later that night she begins to worry about what happened earlier to Justice League but hears they survived. But then she hears another broadcast saying they didn't find Kobras body and begins worry that someone is after her now.

Joining the Power Company

Candy fighting the Strike Force

Shortly after the events that transpired with Kobra, Candy was on the run from the them and the police, She then hopped a train and tried to get out of San Diego, and look for place safe to stay. Candy then stayed the night in a bus station but was forced to leave the day. While walking out she sees a news broadcast about a superhero team called the Power Company. She decides to seek them for help, and heads for the headquarters, When she arrived they appeared to be away. So she had the wait the next day to meet with them. Finally after waiting a day she decided to go in and ask to join them. But as she is about to go she catches the sight of a mercenary group entering through the roof of the building. She then hurries into the building to fight them. Once inside she discovered The Strike Force plans to take Josiah Power hostage and steal transportation out of the city. Candy engages the Strike Force but is knocked unconscious after a short struggle, and thrown into Josiah Powers office. Once knocked out her armor disappeared and the mercenaries held her down while threatening Josiah. Josiah then reveals his powers and defeats them single handily. After regaining conscious and breaking out of her captors grasp Josiah thanks her for helping him. She then asks Josiah if she can join the power Company to which he agrees to her request. When the rest of the team arrive josiah introduces Candy to all of them and takes the codename Sapphire. Now with a group Candy feels safe from her enemies She remains with the team until the series finale.

Terror Titans

Sapphire vs. Argent

Most recently Candy was captured by the Clock King and his Terror Titans. They drugged her and made her fight in their underground arena. Her first fight was against Argent in which she was able to beat her in a mere seconds. After being freed by the Teen Titans she declined an offer to join the team in order to rejoin The Power Company.

Powers & Abilities

The Serpents Egg

Before Candy had no powers until she bonded with the alien artifact called the Serpents Egg, which gave her a skin like armor. While with the Power Company one of the scientist told her she has latent telekinetic powers which she unconsciously uses to manipulate the Serpent's Egg.The armor so far has displayed the abilites to project a force field, the ability to fly, and the ability to form shields and objects. She also can tap into her telekinetic abilities and use them to manipulate and alter the armors structural lattice.

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