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Sapphire Styx is a beautiful psychic vampire.
Sapphire Styx is a beautiful, psychic vampire that works for a crimelord in Madripoor named Roche. She would meet Wolverine at the Princess Bar and attempts to seduce him. Wolverine does not fall for the seductress and would end up pissing off the man she works for. Roche is displeased after Wolverine dispatches some of his men for chastising an innkeeper who refused Roche's offer of protection. Roche hires the assassin Razorfist to assist Sapphire with the elimination Wolverine. Wolverine would run into Jessan Hoan in Madripoor Lowtown but she runs away from him. Sapphire runs into Wolverine on the streets. Wolverine is unable to break her grip and Sapphire begins to kiss him. Wolverine is suddenly overwhelmed by a sea of shadow and feels his strength and life begin to drain away. Wolverine in a desperate effort, pushes himself away from the red-headed beauty and staggers off into an alley. Razorfist attacks from the shadows and knocks him out.   
Wolverine eventually escapes and helps Tyger Tiger rescue their friend named O'Donnel who is being held prisoner by Roche and his gang. Sapphire attempts to drain the lifeforce from Tyger Tiger but is bitten in the neck by the asian beauty. Tyger then burns Sapphire's face with a flaming metal rod. Sapphire is assisted by the Inquisitor and they escape.  


Sapphire Styx was created by Chris Claremont and John Buscema in 1988 and first appeared in Marvel Comics Present # 1. 

Powers & Abilities

Sapphire Styx is a psychic vampire that has the ability to siphon the energy and lifeforce from her victims. Sapphire needs to physically touch her victims in order to drain their life essence and energy.

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