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The Sanpo Kenju (三步剣獣, Sanpo Kenjū) is a zanpakutō from the manga series BLEACH that was created by Tite Kubo. The series first began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in August 2001. Sanpo Kenju first appeared in BLEACH Volume 10, CH. 83 "Come With Me".

The zanpakutō (斬魄刀, zanpakutō) is the primary weapon of all Soul Reapers. While normal Soul Reapers are given a base asauchi (浅打ち, asauchi) to impart their soul onto.

The name translates as "Three Step Sword Beast".

Weapon Evolution

All zanpakutō have three separate forms, but the final two can only be obtained through strict training. Not every Soul Reaper is capable of activating the final two forms.

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