kfhrfdu_89_76k's Sankaritekoja #1 - Sankaritekoja review

Now, `tis time review heroicly!

This is my review number...Oh, who cares?

What I like...

The art is scetchy and beautiful.

The concept of the story got me to read this. What is it? Read the description. You don`t wanna? Boy, you`re lazy. Okay, it`s this: A knight who has lived for centuries, looks for heroic deeds to do. Will he find them? Well, I dould tell you right now...but...nah. I shant.

There`s a dragon in this.

This is slightly funny. Not humorous, but funny.

It`s a quick read.

The protagonist is realistic.

It`s also written in English.

What I like and don`t like...

There`s a beginning, middle and an ending. But not that clearly.

The ending is okay.

What I don`t like quite as much...

I`m not all that sure if 25 comic pages is enough to cover this theme. There`s moments when the story`s good. But, overall it`s rather flimsy.

Sometimes it`s also difficult to understand, but it, of course, depends on the reader.

The ending is abrupt. It doesn`t matter too much, because the protagonist comes to a conclusion. Be it then satisfying or not.

Well, should you read it?

I have no idea. While it does have potential, it`s still a disorientating read. I guess that you should read, and after reading it, decide whether to buy it or not. Yeah, sounds about right.

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Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

@The Poet:

It is? Hm.

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