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 Ollie and Connor as a baby
Sandra Moonday Hawke is the daughter of Nethan Hawke a Vietnam War vetran, Nethan is currently a potato farmer in Idaho, her mother is an unknown Korean woman. When Ollie was twenty years old he meet a strong willed hippie called Moonday, the two soon had a short relationship. This was before Ollie had become Green Arrow and was yet to go on that life changing chain of events. Sandra tracked Ollie down and told him that she was pregnant. Ollie refused to believe her and even offered her money to leave.   
Shortly after his accident at sea he visits her at the hospital and holds Connor for the first time, Sadly Ollie only thought that Sandra still wanted money and opened a back account for her to help with Connor's up brining and left leaving behind his son and Sandra. Later Connor would meet Ollie at an Ashram temple after Ollie vists, Connor joined Ollie on his travels and it later came to light that Connor was in fact Ollie's son. Later Sandra went on to marry  Milo Armitage, a powerful arms dealer that would become one of Connor's enemies when Connor became Green Arrow. 

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