Sandman and Telepathy

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Simple question, is Sandman immune to telepathy while he is in his sand form? 
Any proof as to why or why not? 
Wondering because all of him would be sand, including his brain...  
but would his mind still be accessible?
#2 Posted by justinkos91 (124 posts) - - Show Bio

Any takers?
#3 Posted by Edamame (28401 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't think that it has been shown, either way.

#4 Posted by CATMANEXE--defunct (17052 posts) - - Show Bio

shouldnt be. outside the sand he still exists as a corporeal consciousness.
telepathic and magic users for example dont show any difference in interfacing with those kind
of beings. only thing tht wouldnt work obviously is sticking some kind of device on his head since he could sift
it off.

#5 Posted by avwhite (117 posts) - - Show Bio
His mind is supposed to exist on the astral plane outside of his body. So I'd yes, at least he should be.

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