Is He Immortal?

#1 Posted by Silver Knight75 (1250 posts) - - Show Bio

I was wondering, Can Sandman get older or be killed or do his powers make him immortal?

#2 Posted by Phorqe (2149 posts) - - Show Bio

He probably wouldn't die from aging, since sand doesn't age. I'd imagine its possible t kill, him just extremely difficult and you'd need to do something asinine. I'd imagine you would need to somehow capture the collective body somehow life freeze him or use some sort of adhesive foam, then put him in a rocket ship and send him into the sun.  
I suppose Superman would be a one-stop shop for this. Use Freeze Breath and just chuck him into the sun.

#3 Posted by Lantern Prime (12987 posts) - - Show Bio

OMGOSH is that Phorque? Man I havent seen you in years! Wassup?

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