dbzmaster789's The Sandman Special #1 - The Song of Orpheus review

The Age Old Father -Son Stories Get A New Twist

The Beautifully Crafted Sandman Universe gets even more interesting as it shows how Dream Deals in Relation to His Son Orpheus. On his wedding day Orpheus loses his wife to an old elf's jelous and a snake bite, he then seeks his fathers help to which he coldly refuses thus he renounces Dream as his father. The best thing about having the endless as your family many door are open to you. Destruction tells Orpheus to seek his aunt Death's help so he does and ventures into hades. To bring his love back he plays beautiful songs to king hades and persephone this angers the furies. hades tells him she will return is he leaves hades and never looks back so of course as in most greek mythology he looks back and sees her fall back into hades. Time passes and the furies come for revenge and he loses all but his head. Dream returns him to life as only a head as punishment for disobeying him and tells him he will never see him again. This is one of the best sandman stories and ties in to brief lives and shows how cold Dream can really be.

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