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Little was known about Sandi's past although she is known to have been an exotic dancer. While in Las Vegas she was seduced by the villain Taskmaster in the disguise of Tony Masters, who used his skills that he mimicked to seduce her into falling for him. Sandi is shot by a Triad gang member during a date in his apartment. Taskmaster was attacked because the Triads wanted revenge for him manipulating the Triads into war. Taskmaster survived and showed his concern for Sandi by giving her medical care and would hire her to a job once she recovered. She was later hired by Deadpool as his secretary and receptionist to help organize his increasingly high work load because he had became a popular mercenary for assassinating the four winds, bosses of the Yakuza. Sandi then learned Tony Masters' true identity as Taskmaster and their relationship ended. Taskmaster still had feelings for her, and offered to help Deadpool with his problems. Taskmaster based his offer on the fact that if Deadpool died Sandi would not have a job.  


Sandi first appeared in Taskmaster #1 in April 2002 and was created by Ken Siu-Chong and Alvin Lee.

Major Story Arcs

To Deadpool, Sandi was a good friend. He admitted that his job as a mercenary would fall apart without her. He even raised her pay grade and gave her a bonus after receiving a great deal of money from a job. One day when Sandi came to work with a black eye from her boyfriend, Deadpool was very concerned which showed he cared a lot about her. Later Sandi appeared in the hospital because of the bad beating and Deadpool went out to take revenge on her boyfriend but Sandi insisted that he's not to be killed and Deadpool agreed. Taskmaster, who still had feeling for Sandi, apparently killed the man.
After this Sandi met Agent X (who had no memory of his life) outside her apartment and cared for him. Agent X wanted to join the mercenary business with Sandi. Agent X was then trained by Taskmaster and Outlaw. During the Agent X series Sandi had brief intimate moments with Agent X and even slept with him once but she still went back together with Taskmaster and it was later revealed that Agent X started a relationship with Outlaw. 
Sandi later hired Deadpool to rescue Agent X after he is captured by HYDRA. To keep Agent X contained he was made morbidly obese and this made him unable to return to being a mercenary, so Deadpool took his place. Sandi later made a brief appearance in the Cable and Deadpool series when she is captured by T-Ray.

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