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Though part of the Freedom FIghter Resistance against Robotnik, the Sand Blasters are considered too extreme and violent by others, as such; they are pretty much on their own, which is how they like it.

During his World Tour of finding Ixis Nagus, Sonic and Tails ended up in Sand Blast City, helping the people there with trouble from Robotnik. With Sonic's speed and fighting prowese, the Sand Blasters tried to make the Blue Blur stay in the city by hiding his ride, the biplane Tornado. Sonic manage to find them out, as well as their disturbing treatment of Robians, roboticized Mobians that are under Robotnik's control. Sonic and Tails left the city with bad blood.

Bunnie Rabbot went to Sand Blast City too, only to have Jack have her fight other Robians too, considering her to be no better in spite of being partial robotic.

During Eggman's hiding, the Sand Blasters had to deal with a chapter of the Dark Egg Legion near their area and had to call in Sonic and the Freedom FIghters for help. Upon arrival, the Sand Blasters began to attack them, thinking Bunnie, who was blasted and separated from the team, as a Legion member. Jack then states their problem saying that Robian that turn back to normal return to Eggman willing (omitting the part where Jack and the other Blaster exiled them and continue to attack them after becoming Mobians again before joining Robotnik as a means of defense from them).

In and ironic twist, with Bunnie's Uncle in charge of the Legion Chapter, the Sand Blasters have proven to be BIGGER antagnoists and villains than the actual Dark Legion Chapter, who reluctantly help members of the Freedom FIghter and the Chaotix, while still working for Robotnik.

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