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Sancha had been the spoiled and sheltered daughter of the Duke of Kordava, until Zaporavo tore her screaming from the flaming caravel his pirates had plundered. She learned what it was to be a buccaneer's plaything, supple enough to bend without breaking, living where other women had died. She soon even came to enjoy the lifestyle, the battle, pillage, murder, and flight. Soon Zaporavo would talk to her of his plans even when he was silent about them to his own crew. She even swore with proficiency from her association with the pirate crews. Sancha is quite capable of defending herself against human foes, but apt to freeze and scream at the prospect of fighting inhuman foes. She fights with a dagger, as many Hyborian noblewomen are taught to do.

Nudity bothered her little, and she often wore nothing more than a pair of sandles and a sheer kirtle on deck. She was nude throughout most of the story, "The Pool of the Black One" and is described as 'voluptuous' and 'dark-eyed' with dark red lips.

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