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Sancha, once of Kordava, yawned daintily, stretched her supple limbs luxuriously, and composed herself more comfortably on the ermine-fringed silk spread on the carack's poop-deck. That the crew watched her with burning interest from waist and forecastle she was lazily aware, just as she was also aware that her short silk kirtle veiled little of her voluptuous contours from their eager eyes.

~Robert E. Howard, The Pool of the Black One

Sancha is the daughter of a duke of Kordava, with thick black tresses and olive skin. She is a young woman, once spoiled and petted, now the plaything of a pirate. She was stolen from her father by Zaporavo during a raid. Her will is strong; she bends without breaking and lives where other women would die. She has come to terms with her kidnapping and her new life, finding pleasure in it. A bit narcissistic, Sancha feels she is the jewel of the Wastrel, the centre of beauty and loveliness, states she takes for granted. She judges people by their outward appearances and accepts that as the whole of their being. She does not like to do hard work and has frivolous tastes, yet is an altogether charming woman and a natural diplomat. She is intellectual and analytical, but willing to compromise in order to avoid conflict.

Zaporavo was the first man to possess Sancha. Although she did not love him, her life is centred around partnerships, so his death unnerved her because it left her alone. She quickly latched onto Conan. She dislikes conflict and tries to keep any relationship harmonious – often to the extent of masking her own feelings on any given matter. She hides her feelings so often and so well she is not always even aware of how she truly feels. She often struggles to make decisions because she does not trust her instincts and does not want anything so badly she would risk conflict to obtain it. Sancha is apt to simply stand rooted to the spot, squealing, if faced with supernatural terrors. Otherwise, she is quite capable of defending herself against human foes, making use of her dagger, as many Hyborian noblewomen are taught to do. She also has a tendency to giggle when nervously scared.

Nudity bothered her little, and she often wore nothing more than a pair of sandles and a sheer kirtle on deck. She was nude throughout most of the story, "The Pool of the Black One" and is described as 'voluptuous' and 'dark-eyed' with dark red lips.

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