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Going To Earth

San was always a fighter and never quit at anything. He says he didnt know how to quit. His father was part of the royal guard and his father's father. He come to think of Guardsmanship as his family's genetic heritage. San trained himself to become a great fighter, and became a peak athelete. During a game the ball him and his friends were playing flew into orbit. San jumps and tries to get it but passess out. Tonja comes and saves him. The next day about to go through Terrigenesis, San is asked by Alaris is he nervous. San reply with no. And then tries to cheer Alaris up by saying he knows he's destined for great things. During the cermony talk San just wishes they can just throw him into the chamber so he can become like his dad.When he goes in, he feels his skin burning. He then wants to break free. But he thinks of the future and what he will become. And thinks how people would make statues of him and he would protect his people. And might be a successor to Black bolt. When he comes out he learns he's shorter and weaker and his dreams will never come true. San talks to his friend Nallo. Telling him that they are usless, and that they couldnt protect their people if they wanted to. San tells how Alaris is now becoming royal guard and he doesnt even talk to him anymore. San sees an american vessel in the sky. He talks to his dad playing a game at the same time telling him how much he can't fight. His dad tells him that's the way their bloodline was suppose to go. San tells him sorry, and San notices his father takes a pause before saying there's nothing to worry about. San tries to make a goal with a ball like he use to but couldnt. He then looks over and sees gorgon training the Royal Guard. He goes home to be stopped by someone who tells him Black Bolt summons him. He then tells San he is going to earth.

Hearing from Medusa that he will be sent to Earth, San shouts she can't do this. He tells her his dad told him they just want their technology. And that they can't be trusted. San is then sent with the others to hear the american man history on America. Nahrees says she's going to be sick and San replies agreeing with her. But he gets a rude remark. San goes to see his father and his friend Nallo. Nallo tells him he is special, while his dad tells him not to trust the humans. They hug and San's father tells him he's proud of him. When they first get to Earth they go to the house they will be staying in, San is excited. San goes with Alaris shopping. They enter a music store and San talks to a girl. Other boys come and tell San he needs to leave the country. Alaris comes and befriends them and San goes to their house with Alaris. But he leaves and him and Alaris walks home.

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