So, who is attending San Diego Comic Con 2011?

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So people, tickets go on sale in precisely five minutes. Who's looking to buy one? And presuming you answer after the sale has started, who is actually going?
Personally, as long as the servers don't crash, I'll definitely be bagging a ticket. Hopefully a reward for doing well in my summer exams. But we'll see.... :)

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I would, but it's on the other side of the country!...........
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@ebuchanan:  I live in the UK. You have no excuse :P
For the record, TicketLeap crashed almost instantly.... How lame.
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Nerdgasm. I'm going to comic con. took me 2 hours of not leaving my computer, in fact, I let my dinner go cold for it. This is what Comic Con was worth to me. Oh, and for the record, TicketLeap is the biggest fail of 2011.

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@Backflip said:
" Nerdgasm. I'm going to comic con. took me 2 hours of not leaving my computer, in fact, I let my dinner go cold for it. This is what Comic Con was worth to me. Oh, and for the record, TicketLeap is the biggest fail of 2011. "
TicketLeap SUCKED!  I finally managed to get individual Thursday - Sunday day passes though!  I'm pumped!!!
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I would love to go but I don't have the money, don't even have a driver's license, aren't old enough, and I don't even know when it is.

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I am! 
I got the tickets at the convention last year, so I don't have to worry about buying them now. 

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I am. Got mine last year too but me and my friend have been trying to get his and only have been able to score Thursday and Sunday. He'll have to Ebay it up later for the others at a steep price

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@ebuchanan said:
" I would, but it's on the other side of the country!........... "
I would but it's on the other side of the world...! ;)
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I would if I had the money and had somebody to go with. 

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in spirit yes in body no.
@xerox-kitty said:

" @ebuchanan said:
" I would, but it's on the other side of the country!........... "
I would but it's on the other side of the world...! ;) "

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me and brother got tickets for saturday. so i'll be there. =)
[insert happy dance GIF here]

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I am! I am! I am!  Sister and I spent HOURS on the computer to get passes for Thursday through Sunday. (4 day passes sold out like Classic Rock.)  Hotel's are probably out of the question unless you booked a year in advance. We'll probably just be driving back in forth since we live in Orange County.  Anyone know by what time they'll be announcing who panels and stuff?

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How likely do you think it will be that I can get a Friday pass at a later date? Friday was sold out by the time I got the 3 other days, but since I'll be doing the trip from Canada I figured I should try and get 4 days.

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@Massagingmytemples:  I think CC announced that the Hotel reservations will be online in a couple months. You can read more about CC hotel reservation dates on their web site. If you're driving in from OC, think about taking the train down. You could hop on somewhere up there and it'll drop you off at American Plaza, then hop on our trolley to go to the convention center. It might be a bit longer to get here, but you won't have to deal with any traffic and they serve beer on the train. You might be able to get a week train pass cheaper than per day passes, I don't know, I've only purchased day passes for the train.
@iloverobots:  The always hold back a bunch of tickets, so they can sell them when the convention gets closer to beat out the scalpers. There'll also be lots of people canceling and putting their tickets back into the system. I think a lot of people bought a lot more tickets than they needed this year and some people bought tickets even though they won't be able to attend. It feels like everyone rushed the tickets in hopes to sell them on ebay later.
I'll be going. I picked up my 4-day pass this year during the CC's 1st attempt at selling tickets a long time ago. I've went for 2 days last year and 1 day the years before that.
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sadly not me .
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I will be, if someone will be so kind to break me out of jail, and buy me a plane ticket to SDCC and possibly get me some nice new clothes, maybe a Galactus cosplay outfit? My nickname is Big G, plus also paying for my hotel room in San Diego would be cool, but hey... don't worry, I realize if you do all this, I would owe you big time, so I will reward you by gracing you with my sheer manly presence. Did you know in my Prison Block, I actually turned 88% of the inmates? Also they had to fire all the female prison guards. Well hey there fellow poster, I bet I could get you fired too!  
*PS I am not a Spambot. 

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maybe 2012!

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Would if I could, but my wife is expecting our 3rd child in July.  Gotta have priorities!  Hope everyone enjoys the fun there!
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Gonna try :) as always

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I hope so....

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Ill be watching it from my TV and or computer.....however I am attending a close by citys small scale con this summer.

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I'm going... for free. I'm thinking I'll go as the Heavy from TF2. mainly because i'm 6'3" and 360 lbs. I can't exactly be a scout or a sniper.

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Ticketleap was horrible. Got individual tickets for my girlfriend and I on Friday - Sunday. Thursday was long gone by the time I had a chance. For those thinking to resell, I thought there was no way of doing so?

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Not I

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I wish it was somewhere in Europe instead. I hate living in Ireland! :)

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No not going, I will have to live vicariously through everyone's stories and pictures.

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maybe next year

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Sigh.. Why do i have to live in the UK. Why can't it be LONDON COMIC-CON 2011. Atleast us over here in the UK have got Comic vine to provide the coverage. :D

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i would but i am in the wrong continent XD

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Can't... maybe one year...

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Unfortunately I will not be once again. I used to go though, all the time, longer than anyone ever at anytime ever...sadly that's all gone now. I miss it so but I suppose it has grown rather out of control in the last 10 years.

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I think I could probably make it by 2023 or 2024. That's being optimistic.

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Never could afford it and now I can. I have a 2 day pass and I am bringing my little brother with! Exciting! Two more months!

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This says it all.

Except that we'll probably have a meet and greet.

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I'd hoped to get back to Comic Con this year, but finances conspired against me, and now it's too late even if I could get the cash together.
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@ebuchanan said:
I would, but it's on the other side of the country!...........
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The last time that convention was any good was in the early 90's.

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No. =(

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I want to but it's in another country and I don't even want to think about how much it would cost :(

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I'll be there for at least three days and probably preview night as well.

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I can't believe this is next week! I'm flying out there on Monday to hang out in San Diego before the con. Anyone else going for the whole week?

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im thinking roadtrip for 2012

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