SDCC/CCI Who's going?

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I'll be there.  I looked throughout the schedule and I didn't see too much that caught my eye.  Did I miss something?  Just wondering what everybody else is looking forward to so I don't miss out on something spectacular.

#2 Posted by UnclePappyWolf (135 posts) - - Show Bio
#3 Posted by RedK (2521 posts) - - Show Bio

wana go but can't, wish Ireland had some thing like SDCC, but at least comicvine does awesome coverage of the cons

#4 Posted by VZA (186 posts) - - Show Bio
@UnclePappyWolf: That does look pretty sweet.  I have to somehow convince my niece that we should go to that over Gaia Online.  Don't think that's going to happen.
#5 Posted by War Killer (20248 posts) - - Show Bio

Wanted to go, couldn't afford it this year :( Maybe next year though :D
@RedK said:

" wana go but can't, wish Ireland had some thing like SDCC, but at least comicvine does awesome coverage of the cons "
Agreed! That's why I'm not really worried about not going too much because I know the Staff will be everywhere there and we'll still get to see it!!! :D
#6 Posted by VZA (186 posts) - - Show Bio
@War Killer:  Yeah, it's cool... but in reality, you'll only get a peek at what's going on.  In all honesty, if you sent 100 people there to do coverage on the show, you still wouldn't get to see everything it has to offer.  The only two things that are bad about the show are the large crowds and that sting of rejection when your favorite artist says no to a sketch.
#7 Posted by ComicMan24 (147093 posts) - - Show Bio

I would like to go but being in another continent doesn't help.
#8 Posted by Icarusflies (12503 posts) - - Show Bio

MEEEEEE! I'm going! :D

#9 Posted by arrowfan237 (465 posts) - - Show Bio

No i am not.
#10 Posted by SupremoMaximo (209 posts) - - Show Bio

Move it to San Antonio and I'm there..

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By the sound of it, any kind of convention sounds like my perfect nightmare (too many people, having to be at certain places at certain times, getting up early, queuing), so I'm glad there's sites like this one to keep us updated.

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Unfortunately, I can't go.... :(

#13 Posted by Red L.A.M.P. (2828 posts) - - Show Bio

I will be there tonight!  And through the weekend.   Just waiting to go to the airport.  Pins and needles.

#14 Posted by GraphicCasualFreak (221 posts) - - Show Bio

Can't go :(

#15 Posted by Blackestnight (640 posts) - - Show Bio

I wish

#16 Posted by EnSabahNurX (2317 posts) - - Show Bio

Really want to go T_T it's too far

#17 Posted by ryanbuddykills (6 posts) - - Show Bio

I want to go so bad! I'm so sad I live in the Midwest.

#18 Posted by vegeta (4902 posts) - - Show Bio

i wish i was
#19 Posted by daveydavey (359 posts) - - Show Bio


#20 Posted by CosmicToastStudios (10 posts) - - Show Bio

We were there!

#21 Posted by SUPER-MAN 23 (2089 posts) - - Show Bio

where's the quest

#22 Posted by MOONGREY (320 posts) - - Show Bio

not me it seems...

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