San Diego Comic Con: Day One!

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Holy crap, I can't feel my legs!

I never imagined that I would run into so many cool people, but today I most certainly did! I scored interviews you guys will not believe and got the chance to hang out with some incredible creators. It is not every day that I can honestly say I stood there in my red boots completely awed at the notion of being in the presence of some of the greatest people in the comic book industry; but I did that today, and all I have to say is I freaking love my job!

Secondary to scoring some incredible interviews, was the reaction of seeing little girls stare in wonder. It is so amazing how powerful the image of Wonder Woman is. I never before realized how truly iconic her character was, until I had to don the silver bracelets and tiara and stand for pictures. I will not forget the look on the faces of the little girls today, it really moved me. It was like they were seeing their hero come to life from the pages and panels of the comic books they read, and I was truly honored to don the costume.

Not many press wore costumes, but I have to say that being in the minority, I loved it. It felt great to really get into the spirit of the convention, and to connect with fans just like me. I hope that for those of you that could not make it this year, my blogging inspires you to go. I am on my way to an Archaia party and will have plenty of pictures from tonight's event as well. Today's interviews will probably go up tomorrow so stay tuned!

Check out the day in twit-pics!

Mark Waid (Kingdom Come) moderates the Gail Simone (Wonder Woman) panel!

Dude, is that a real gun?!

Costume change!

Check out the sick Iron Man suits! Word.

First stop: Marvel booth for three interviews. Awesome way to kick start the day!

One hour before show time! Check out the masses!

Walking to the Convention Center!
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The star wars backpack in the 6th picture is too cute

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Those Iron Men were AWESOME!
stupid panel-people who gyped my father...

#3 Posted by The_Martian (36980 posts) - - Show Bio
@pixelized said:
" The star wars backpack in the 6th picture is too cute "
HA! I didn't even notice that
#4 Posted by pixelized (62881 posts) - - Show Bio
@Nobody said:
" @pixelized said:
" The star wars backpack in the 6th picture is too cute "
HA! I didn't even notice that "
you want one now don't you?
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Awww..Babs...that is so cool you got such reaction from the little ones.  Can't wait for more goodies from you and everyone else.  Holy Smokes--that crowd.   

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Wow that's a great Mandalorian suit !

Man that sucks you walked in those heels all day. That place is like 3 football fields long, but hey it was worth it. Especially making the little girls happy to see their hero walking around.

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@pixelized said:
" @Nobody said:
" @pixelized said:
" The star wars backpack in the 6th picture is too cute "
HA! I didn't even notice that "
you want one now don't you? "
Heck yes!
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I'll admit, I felt bad when I saw you had heels on when you posted the pictures on Twitter. That must have been hell. I hope to make it to a Con next year.

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WOW!! What an awesome day. You must seriously be Wonder Woman. R2D2 backpack!!!! LOL 8D

Seriously, those Iron Man suits. Try to get a vid of that if you can!!
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so jealous!

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Babs is an inspiration to all little girls :D

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Thanks for rocking out the live updates Babs!

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Rest up Babs, another day of awesomeness ahead.

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BTW.. all this reporting is really making me seriously look at flying down there next year.

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looks sooo crazy! are you more stoked, or more tired?

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looks great Babs!!

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Black Boba Fett was awesome

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