Jorge Garcia Tells Comic Vine The Secrets Of LOST

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Okay, so maybe he doesn't tell us all the secrets.  You probably saw our first encounter with Jorge Garcia (Hurley from LOST).  Since the exhibit hall at Comic-Con is so crazy, we decided to pick up our conversation elsewhere.  Jorge's a great guy for taking the time to talk some more with us.  

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thats nice because im a big fan of lost lol

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;o Gj with the interview he did to you.So he called you for it or what ?Anyway it was nice,Jorge is a dude i like his acting a lot.For me its strange that,they don't tell the actors about the characters they are playing,the thing they get the story 3 days before the shooting of the episode is just strange.From what I've seen from other movies actors get to learn everything for the character before the shooting of the movie or episode.Still sweet  :3

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That was awesome... loved how he exhausted G-man to the point where he was out of questions. Also enjoyed the brief history of G-man.

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Jorge is an awesome guy id really like to meet him. He just seems like one of us lol, a down to earth dude

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See he is a nice guy!!!! Great interview G-Man.

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what a legend,proper good guy.

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All around awesome interview and i haven't even gotten into lost yet although it sounds awesome. Definitely liked how he flipped the interview and we got some G-man backstory.

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That was really great of him.  I am one of a small handful of people who've never watched "Lost" but I enjoyed this interview regardless.  The fact he is into comics and also recently got into Madman is cool as cats.  We finally get some lowdown on the G-Man with this one too. 

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Dude couldn't seem nicer. It's effective PR, but you get the sense he did this interview just because he's a decent human being. Props!

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pretty cool interview....
i bet he went on the site from that card you gave him and seen he came across is a bit of a chube......
guess first impressions aint everything....seems like a really cool guy

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Very Cool. I'm a big fan of this show. So this was great, nice going guys.

#12 Posted by Tyler Starke (4328 posts) - - Show Bio

Holy crap! nice job guys, Jorge seems like a really nice guy, it's cool he did that long of an interview , was babs jealous she missed out?

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Jorge seems like a very nice guy. And I thought was awesome that G-Man told about how he came to be the founder of Comic VIne (aka THis Awesome Website!!!!!!) haha......... nk (not kidding)

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Never watched Lost but of course I hear great things about it. It was cool of Jorge to do this  exclusive interview with you G-Man, so Jorge is cool in my book.

And that's awesome that you were a math teacher G-Man. What kind of math did you generally teach? - And awesome that you're wife is very supportive of what you love man, kudos. Some people are not that lucky to have someone they're with be supportive or not criticize of what they love.

#15 Posted by Red L.A.M.P. (2782 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh crap, Im so bummed I forgot to ask Jorge for a hug!  He seemed like a good hugger to me.
I'll post some pics of me getting hugs at Comic-Con later.  I'm at the airport now heading back home.  Big ups to G-Man, Babs and Drew who are still on the Comic-con floor today.  You guys are working harder then i thought humanly possible.  Specially after all that vodka last night. ha

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Jorge seems like a cool guy. Nice interview.

#17 Posted by Giuseppe Riccadonna (2080 posts) - - Show Bio

G-man, how does the website support you if we don't pay for membership (Not that I want to pay but just out of curiosity.

#18 Posted by G-Man (39191 posts) - - Show Bio

"Membership" fees.  Hmmm....

#19 Posted by Giuseppe Riccadonna (2080 posts) - - Show Bio
@G-Man said:
" "Membership" fees.  Hmmm.... "
NO NO NO NO!!!!! ....nevermind.....
#20 Posted by geraldthesloth (32689 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow G-man you're a lucky guy he seems like a really nice guy

#21 Posted by kaorumonster (33 posts) - - Show Bio

Damn, I should have gone downtown today. I could have met Jorge.


#22 Posted by G-Man (39191 posts) - - Show Bio

We all love Hurley.  As Jorge said, let's hope he makes it to the end of the show.

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G-Man, this has to be the best interview I've seen of all of your interviews. You should make at least one long walk-and-talk interview a staple of every show you attend. Awesome job.

Jorge is one of the nicest and most charming guys.
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Good to see that he made time for the fans

#25 Posted by Media_Master (2189 posts) - - Show Bio

He came back !!!!!!

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cool cool i love it! great interview, he is so chill... probably smokes weed.

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Nice interview. I like that he started to ask you questions when you ran out of them. Also it is nice to see that he likes Ex Machina, which I do as well!

#28 Posted by Brackynews (20 posts) - - Show Bio
@Giuseppe Riccadonna said:
" @G-Man said:
" "Membership" fees.  Hmmm.... "
NO NO NO NO!!!!! ....nevermind.....
Curiosity killed the internet. ;)

Serious websites have serious partnerships.  Getting ahead in business doesn't involve a PayPal donate button.  Click that "about whiskey media" link at the bottom of any page and discover how deep the rabbit hole goes.  (Hint: CNET geniuses, all)
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That was a great interview. I initially thought the polite brush-off video was the extent of the interview but this was good to see. And no major, show-ruining spoilers either.

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Don't forget LOST is on tonight!!!

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OCTOBERKAST brought me here

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