Going To San Diego Next Week?

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 What's up guys!  
If you are one of the many people that are dying to hit this year's convention but you were too late in buying tickets to the big sold-out event, then it looks like you're in luck! I've had a few users send me messages voicing their sentiments about wanting to go, and most have not been very lucky. Curiosity got the better of me, and I figured why not look around the net for tickets? I mean, I can remember there being scalpers for the Nsync concerts I used to go to when I was a teenager,...that's how I got tickets in the first place! Sure enough, there are a ton of listings for the convention this year on Craigslist. The reason? Only a certain number of tickets are sold per day, so many times people that do not plan on attending the convention the entire day will give away their passes to some people for very little money. Here's the catch: I really don't recommend engaging in meeting up with random strangers without parental permission and supervision, but that's just common sense.   
Okay so I know a lot of you aren't going, but that's okay! There are plenty of after party events that you can go to and meet a lot of creator's and celebrities that will be at the convention, including the one that will be hosted by Comic Vine (details to come)! So it's almost like going to the convention, only later at night and without the cool panels. 
If you are already planning on attending... 
I have to say I am really excited about going this year, and I am sure that you guys that are going (or even those of you who will be watching Comic Vine's coverage of the event,) are as well. Being that I am a really girly-girl, I wanted to be sure I didn't forget everything from hairspray to make-up and at least 8 different outfits for the 4 days that we will be there. Yes, Babs will have the biggest suitcase. However, those of you that are more practical than I, might enjoy these 10 San Diego Comic Con packing tips! A lot of these I found to be pretty vital to the big trip; for example; everything from bring a lot of money, and a good book to read when you have to stand in those massive lines, but most importantly, POWER BARS! You never know when you are going to be eating so you should always have something packed and ready.  
What's another reason to go to the Con? Well it isn't just about comic books. A lot of people are skeptical about this actually because they feel that comic book conventions should be about comic books. I personally disagree. I kind of like that the convention caters to people from all walks of life, and exposes people who might not be interested in comic books to picking one up! At San Diego Comic Con we get everything from a panel with Ludacris, to screenings of Twilight, and the first chance to try out video games that haven't even been released yet. Oh yeah, and Scarlette Johanson will be there. I know you boys love that. All in all, it is a great event to bring even your friends that don't like comic books. You can laugh at the funny costumes, and get your copy of Jim Lee's X-Men signed by him, or have Marc Silvestri draw you a cool picture of Emma Frost...(for a few hundred bucks).  
If you aren't going this year, I really hope that you guys get to see all the interviews and video footage that the Comic Vine staff brings home. We are going out in full force this year and are really looking forward to bringing you the best all around Convention coverage possible. I personally cannot wait, and if you are in the San Diego area, be sure to shoot us a message and we will meet up!  
See you there! 
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I hope they let me on the airplane in my Red L.A.M.P. costume, cause I do not plan on bringing any suitcase.

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I just went to craiglist to get tickets... hehehe

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I wish I was going...*sigh*,yet another dashed promise.

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@Red L.A.M.P.: That costume is going to smell so bad...
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@Babs said:
" @Red L.A.M.P.: That costume is going to smell so bad... "
"going to?"
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tickets(check)...clothes(check)...cash(check)...costumes(check)...blue steel face pose(check)...so now that I have done that when will you guys post the info about the meet and greet or party or whatever you are planning...please excuse the spaces trying to typed while I am doing push ups so I can look heroish in my costume..lol

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i'll be there, hope to see you guys :-)

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Fuck, I can't go.

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Not dressing up, and I'm only going Sunday.
*cries out*

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Awww N'SYNC concert lol :-)

Definitely will be there next year haven't been there in 3 years. Make sure you guys go to the Gas Lamp area for some fun.

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Me and my friend are not going just because we don't have the tickets. But we are going to still go and chill outside.

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havent got a ticket norplans to go :/ still I hope to go there someday.

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I'm going (YAY!!! :D) but I don't have a full plan on what to do when I get there... (That mite be a problem)

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Emma Frost outfit! *Drool*.

I want this one, but I'd want some SEVERELY high heeled boots, and if I made it, I'd make the top a little bit more coversome:

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tanx for the tips babs. im down there on sat hopefully i can meet up or bump into you guys then. :D

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emma frost is gonna make some friends in those panties.

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whoever that is dressed like emma frost look good

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why is comic con not available on philippines
i love events like this
i think im the only person in my country that really cares

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It has...BEGUN!!!

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Already In San Diego

#22 Posted by grimreaper1980 (677 posts) - - Show Bio

hhaa hhaa

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Quest complete?

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I'm not.

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