Geekgasm's Guide to San Diego Comic Con!

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I floored it to 88 MPH on muh DeLorean to bring you awesome folks a nifty PSA on San Diego Comic Con.

Geekgasm's Guide to SDCC!

It's our own strange little way of letting you guys know about bag issues, comfortable foot-wear, restaurants in the area, snacks to keep you belly happy while at the convention and more!


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Hey, so I'm English, and am planning on traveling to San Diego comic-con next year (I'm saving big for it haha) but none of my mates are into it, so I am going alone. Do you recon thats a good idea? I don't really want to show up and then be like on my own for the whole trip.

So basically what's your advice for someone conning it alone?

cheers Jennizzle :D

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