Dean LeCrone vs The Mutants of Comic-CON

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Dean LeCrone vs The Mutants of Comic-CON (DVD)

(Available now! 2 hour DVD with the extra features!)

Written and starring Dean LeCrone, filmed on the fly, full improv, at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2006. Shot and edited by Allen Freeman.

A full onslaught of crazy interviews, dancing, and cavorting comedy by Dean LeCrone, cartoonist and actor. Must be seen to be believed. Pre-shows have gotten rave reviews! Tons of laughter every time you watch it! Can't all be consumed in one sitting! We predict it to be a CULT CLASSIC! Movie 41min, DVD w/extras-120min

(Extra Features: Interview with Dean LeCrone, Slide show, Deleted Scenes, About Dean and Allen and A Message from Killer Robot! And a secret video if you can find it!)

A full year in the making! No boring, static interviews, a surprise at every turn!

"I laughed so hard and so often I peed my pants "

--Billy Bob Flembert, KY Weekly News and Flea Market

Allen Freeman

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