Comic Vine San Diego Comic-Con Meet-up!

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#51 Posted by BigChief (17 posts) - - Show Bio

Sounds like a lot of fun! Wish I could be there.

#52 Posted by Zedimus (13 posts) - - Show Bio

sounds like fun
#53 Posted by TheMess1428 (2176 posts) - - Show Bio
@Red L.A.M.P. said:
" @TheMess1428: @TheMess1428:  
@Fire-brand:   Just write your CV Username on your SDCC Badge!   "
Well I won't be going to SDCC but I will be going to the party because I live in town and couldn't afford Comic-Con tickets.
#54 Posted by LoggerRythm (42 posts) - - Show Bio

'Erbody have a goodin' at the Ol' SDCC!* 
*translation from the south.  
(Have a good day and a wonderful event!)

#55 Posted by fulcilivez (20 posts) - - Show Bio


#56 Posted by fulcilivez (20 posts) - - Show Bio

So going next year
#57 Posted by Tmul501 (600 posts) - - Show Bio

I wish I could make it! Why does all the cool stuff happen on the west coast?

#58 Posted by Hamz (340 posts) - - Show Bio

Wish I was going :(

#59 Posted by Darknight87 (38 posts) - - Show Bio

Wish I could come but I'm in NC and can't make it. Would love to though thanks for the invite

#60 Posted by Demonturtle (426 posts) - - Show Bio

Just found out my wifes cousin is going down there!  Im gonna get her!
#61 Posted by firewrkninja (362 posts) - - Show Bio

wish i was there

#62 Posted by timrothsays (632 posts) - - Show Bio


#63 Posted by Icon (2110 posts) - - Show Bio
@timrothsays said:
" ENVY "
#64 Posted by Omega Ray Jay (8111 posts) - - Show Bio

If only.
#65 Posted by harleyquinnhawkgirl (300 posts) - - Show Bio

I am so sad that I will be missing this!

#66 Posted by Fresh0133 (491 posts) - - Show Bio

I would have gone if the all days tickets hadn't sold out in like 10 seconds, I'm on it this year though!
#67 Posted by XFan616 (120 posts) - - Show Bio

Dang. Some day I'll go to a comic con consisting of more than twenty people, I promise;)

#68 Posted by superboy12 (255 posts) - - Show Bio

Seriously wish I was gonna be there!
#69 Posted by Liberty (9192 posts) - - Show Bio

Wrong Coast.

#70 Posted by miki (1166 posts) - - Show Bio

i want to come!!!! :-((((

#71 Posted by punkelias (116 posts) - - Show Bio

I won't go this year... so, maybe next year

#72 Posted by doctor gravity (21 posts) - - Show Bio

wait so who is going babs or g-man??????????? or both hopefully
and are u both going to comicon and the other place friday????
this is soooooooooo coool im in sd for 2 more days omg

#73 Posted by BringBackPowerPack (62 posts) - - Show Bio

#74 Posted by J.C. (593 posts) - - Show Bio

Im in Puerto Rico so no Comic-Con for me :(

#75 Posted by Lady L (311 posts) - - Show Bio

i want to go to the nyc one

#76 Posted by reaper2923 (2778 posts) - - Show Bio

Wish I could be there, sadly I have to pay for something very expensive.

#77 Posted by Bestostero (5590 posts) - - Show Bio

wished I could go, argh
keep us updated with all the good stuff!

#78 Posted by Krooze (8 posts) - - Show Bio

The photos on that Sloppy Joeys site have made me super hungry!

#79 Posted by Fade+ (28 posts) - - Show Bio

is it nerdy for me to want to go lol
#80 Posted by rbysjti (10690 posts) - - Show Bio

i' m from an asian country so i really can't unless somebody gives me a treat.",)

#81 Posted by No_Name_ (12593 posts) - - Show Bio
@goldenkey said:
" Did you guys walk there with a stop watch.  I curious as the where you got the 7 minutes from. "
There's this thing called google maps with the capability of calculating the amount of time it takes to travel from point A to point B
#82 Posted by blds_bane (455 posts) - - Show Bio

I moved away sorry

#83 Posted by doctor gravity (21 posts) - - Show Bio

was it just me or did my post get deleted?

#84 Posted by MKF30 (11528 posts) - - Show Bio

Man I wished I lived in San Diego lol, I'd so go just for Babs. :)
#85 Posted by oiHooliganismoi (517 posts) - - Show Bio

good job

#86 Posted by frijolie (89 posts) - - Show Bio

wish i was going!

#87 Posted by No_Name_ (12593 posts) - - Show Bio
@doctor gravity: We will both be there!
#88 Posted by BaronVonDredd (244 posts) - - Show Bio

If only....

#89 Posted by Eisenheim (29 posts) - - Show Bio

Hope everyone has a great time!

#90 Posted by Nossie (22 posts) - - Show Bio

wish i was there :)
#91 Posted by ArtisticNeedham (2278 posts) - - Show Bio

Sad I missed it, I really wanted to go and meet you guys.  Hope it was fun.

#92 Edited by excalibur5150 (125 posts) - - Show Bio

Wish I was there!

#93 Posted by X24NEKO (7 posts) - - Show Bio

Sadly I live on the other side of the country in Maine and I don't have a passport or money to travel all the way to CA. I'd love to meet you guys. You think next year you could go to New York?

#94 Posted by Renee (10265 posts) - - Show Bio

looks like fun.

#95 Posted by luquilla (19 posts) - - Show Bio

i wish i could get to go next year

#96 Posted by SUPER-MAN 23 (2201 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah Quest!

#97 Edited by SUPER-MAN 23 (2201 posts) - - Show Bio

I will be at SDCC 2010

#98 Posted by Hairywolf25 (23 posts) - - Show Bio

I wish I could have gone

#99 Posted by DeadpoolvIronFist (2407 posts) - - Show Bio

I was there!
It was amazing!

#100 Posted by TheGoldenOne (38789 posts) - - Show Bio
I Wish I was there.

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