Comic Vine Has Arrived In San Diego!

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...I think I am ready to take on tomorrow... 

So I think we all at Comic Vine agreed that a ton of interviews and awesome coverage was not going to be enough. In order to make it feel like you are right here with us for the full San Diego Comic Con experience, we have decided to blog throughout our big trip. I'll be posting tons of pics in a blog ever day while I am here to give you all a birds eye view of what it is like at the con. Hopefully it will be fun for you guys who were unable to make it this year!  

Wow! Craziness! So I am finally at my hotel room and I was unpacking a few things, it's about 20 after 11, and tomorrow is the first of a VERY long four days. I cannot believe I actually made it to my very first San Diego Comic Convention! Gia, the editor for stopped at my room with a brochure handy for a meeting to discuss all of the awesome stuff we are going to cover for the next couple of days. Lucky for me, all the panels are listed on the schedule located in the back of the brochure, but they were not giving out extras so I will have to pick mine up when I get my press badge tomorrow. Turns out I think we both wish there were a lot more people to help us with our coverage!  
I have a lot of incredible stuff planned for all of you guys tomorrow! A few very interesting interviews, and hopefully some sneak attacks in addition to the incredible panel discussions I am looking to cover! I am crossing my fingers and praying that this one is not SO much bigger than New York, because if it is, I am pretty sure I am going to have a hard time. (Think positively, Babs!)  
Oh, and did I mention I am afraid of flying?! I think Bourbon might have become my new best friend.  
Here's the day in twit-pics! Enjoyyyy!  

 Babs had a few of these...She doesn't like flying... >.>

G-Man ignoring Babs 

Babs waiting for the plane, I think by the time this one was taken I was on my second drink... 


 That's what our plane looked like in San Diego! :D

 Yay! We landed! Oh yeah, those are not my sunglasses. I did a photo-op...
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I can't wait for the coverage to start!

Have fun guys and gals

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Bourbon... through a straw?!  Ooooh, Babs!  I hope you don't start the convention with a hangover!!

I hope you all have loads of fun!  Grabs loads of goodies, and snag yourselves a lot of autographs & sketches :)

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G-Man looks excited to be there:P

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@xerox-kitty said:

Bourbon... through a straw?!  Ooooh, Babs!  I hope you don't start the convention with a hangover!!

I hope you all have loads of fun!  Grabs loads of goodies, and snag yourselves a lot of autographs & sketches :)

It goes down easier that way! :D
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i want presents!

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Nice G-man has a solid ignoring face,he would be good at poker. lol. 

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Keep an eye out for some dear friends of mine, a pair of lovely ladies dressed as Tim Sale's Catwoman and Sally Jupiter respectively.

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I can't wait to see more photos and stuff.

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If you can, I hope you can try to interview Fred Perry, creator of "Golddigger" published by Antarctic Press. He is my artistic idol.

I certainly hope that was good Kentucky Bourbon. As a good Kentucky boy, myself, that's a requirement.
You do know we are all expecting a cocktail dress picture.

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I was going to comment on those sunnies..... thank god they are not yours o.O 
have a great time guys!

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Hey Babs,

I hate flying as well. Usually I just take Bonine and pray, but whatever works.

Hope to be in San Diego next year!!!

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Great!  Thanks for sharing your time at the Con in such a way, it really is wonderful you guys are doing it.  Above everything else--have fun!

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Have fun. Make video evidence.

Well, its not something I would necessarily recommend, but Bourbon does have its effects in times like these. Either that, or G-Man can give you a left hook on the way back.
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Welcome to San Diego guys!!!

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Glad you all arrived safely!  Have a great and exciting trip.

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this will be awesome!!!

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Hope you guys have a great time.

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Great pictures, have a good time!!!, Damn I can't even drink whiskey out of a straw!

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@Babs: I have a very Special Request. Please bring all the news about Supes and Smallville you can get. Ever since hearing about Metropolis I have been waiting for Comic Con so I can find out if Clark is gonna put on the suit. I HAVE TO KNOW! Awesome job so far I like the picture play by play.
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@Babs: I love flying. Especially through rough weather, my dad not so much. But I remember we were flying from Chicago to Columbus in a thunder storm and at one point the plane just dropped only for like one second but a bunch of people screamed my dad was not happy but I was laughing and I said "this kind of flying really gets your blood pumpin'" I don't think my dad has ever given me a dirtier look in my life lol. But yea it's like a roller coaster so I loved it, my dad was tossing back the drinks though. Flight through thunder storms is the best if you like bumpy flying, if you don't it's not so great.
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@Comiclove5 said:

Nice G-man has a solid ignoring face,he would be good at poker. lol. 


Lol Agreed.
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hey - if you get a chance... can you pick me up some hair spray! thx :)

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