APE '09: The Coverage

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We take to the floor at APE to catch up with the creators and fans of the show!

To really understand what makes APE so special, we decided to take to the convention floor to catch up with both the fans of the show, and the creators that put so much of their hard work on display. We combined four of the creator videos into one in order to make it easier for you guys to watch and to find later. First, I talk to a friend of mine, STORM, who has previously submitted articles to Comic Vine and he tells us about his book, 'Princess Witch Boy.' Next, I discuss 'Brazilianoir' with Emily Stackhouse and she talks about the plot line and the inspiration for her book. I also talk to some of the volunteers from the MoCCA, Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art.

Former Director of Image Comics and President of McFarlane toys, Larry Marder talks to Comic Vine about the importance of first amendment rights when it comes to comic book content. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) board member talks about the importance of the organization and why it is necessary to have  a non-profit group that exists to defend creator owned ideas should they be challenged in the court room. Should all ideas and content be protected by the CBLDF as long as they do not physically hurt anyone?  If so, then how do you separate your personal sentiments regarding the content from the idea that all ideas should be protected? What do you guys think of the issues Larry discussed? 

 Last but not least, we caught up with the fans of the convention to ask them about how APE differs from San Diego Comic Con, and which one they prefer. I also ask them about what is on their pull list!
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The guys in the last video are pretty funny.  Love the dead pan nerdery. :)

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@Red L.A.M.P.: Yeah they were pretty funny. I had asked one of them what was on their pull list and he said "Civil War." I chuckled.
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I'm not sure how this would work myself but if there's any way I could get a copy of Brazilianoir here in the U.K. I'd be happy. Seems like a great idea. I got a few laughs from that last video. Chris or Mike seems like he knows a thing or two about being a good interviewee. Hurray for APE, I'm adding it to my list of places I'd like to go to if I visited the area.

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@FLStyle: I'm sure Comic Vine could send you a copy if you really wanted it :)
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@Babs: That would be pretty awesome to say the least. If the ball got rolling on that I'd be all for it.
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Like the names of the guys from the last video "dudes"

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I want to know the way's of the Jedi too.
*sigh* though my father was only a ninja...

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I LOVE STORM and Princess Witch Boy!!! Hey that guy on the left during the fan interviews is cute!  

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