SDCC 2012: Sony Pictures Entertainment Booth Tour

#1 Posted by leejunfan83 (123 posts) - - Show Bio

so many interviews!

#2 Posted by Fantasgasmic (1071 posts) - - Show Bio

Sara, are you a bit of a gear-head? You've looked at quite a few cars this Con.

#3 Posted by KainScion (2973 posts) - - Show Bio

sara showing us a tri-boob woman? now thats love right there! on a side note, i hope the new total recall is good but from what ive seen its kind of generic, trailer wise.

#4 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6885 posts) - - Show Bio

Triple-bewbs! That being said...I'm really hoping this remake won't be a disappointment next month.

#5 Posted by smcauley600 (85 posts) - - Show Bio

sara sony seem to be going though a sci fi fetish

#6 Posted by Quntumking (216 posts) - - Show Bio

3 boobs yikes. Must be radioactivity.

#7 Posted by Iruga (4 posts) - - Show Bio

"baby you make me wish i had three hands"

#8 Edited by spidergirl2012 (45 posts) - - Show Bio

@Iruga said:

"baby you make me wish i had three hands"

I know, right!

#9 Posted by haydenclaireheroes (9172 posts) - - Show Bio

The booth looks awesome!

#10 Posted by Cyborg6971 (193 posts) - - Show Bio

See you at the party Richter.

#11 Posted by weaponx (1566 posts) - - Show Bio

Babs, we don't need the three boob girl, we have you :)!

I agreed with everything you said in this video, nicely done.

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