SDCC 2012: Sideshow Collectibles Booth Tour

Posted by abauman (128 posts) - - Show Bio
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#1 Posted by Savage_Hawkman (125 posts) - - Show Bio

Hulk smash your wallet!

#2 Posted by haydenclaireheroes (9192 posts) - - Show Bio

Awesome collectibles this year

#3 Posted by War Killer (20343 posts) - - Show Bio

Doctor Doom looked wicked, the detail in the armor just made him look even cooler.

#4 Posted by CrimsonCake (2679 posts) - - Show Bio

I wonder if those claws on wolverine are real.

#5 Posted by Savage_Hawkman (125 posts) - - Show Bio

@CrimsonCake said:

I wonder if those claws on wolverine are real.

Yes. They are 100% real adamantium.

#6 Edited by LordRequiem (1321 posts) - - Show Bio

I want that Dr. Doom but I'd bet it costs a tonne. Very overpriced if you ask me.

#7 Posted by doordoor123 (3721 posts) - - Show Bio

I NEED that Galactus figure.

#8 Posted by CommanderZx2 (8 posts) - - Show Bio

Did they show off the upcoming Poison Ivy premium format statue?

#9 Posted by Webjaker (366 posts) - - Show Bio

Should have been a multi-parter - really wanted a close-up on Tony coming out of the IronMan armor.

Hulk, Deadpool, ironman, galactus were cool.

Harley Quinn and Black Widow didnt look right?

#10 Posted by deadpool25mm (604 posts) - - Show Bio

@Savage_Hawkman said:

@CrimsonCake said:

I wonder if those claws on wolverine are real.

Yes. They are 100% real adamantium.

MAN you made me laugh ! lol !

Awesome stuff ! the Ironman and Deadpool are Awesome!

#11 Posted by yo_yo_fun (643 posts) - - Show Bio

VERY Cool!!

I loved the details on that Iron Man bust.

#12 Posted by blueninjapanther (678 posts) - - Show Bio

I wish I was there. I like the Iron Man bust

#13 Posted by crazyflashfan11 (182 posts) - - Show Bio

i would love to have a war machine figure.

#14 Posted by CrashLanden (122 posts) - - Show Bio

It's a steady stream of videos... You guys are busy.

Again, great stuff... Galactus and the Hulk are awesome. But, strange that you could see Catwoman's navel, but no nipples.

#15 Posted by Queso6p4 (1452 posts) - - Show Bio

That Hulk one is amazing! Thor's hair looked really weird. Galactus, Harley Quinn, and Red Skull were gorgeous. Man I want so many of these. I love G-Man's commentary on what the figures should be doing. On a random note, I was slightly put off when sideshow changed the name of their site to sideshowtoy. -_-

#16 Posted by hermankeson (436 posts) - - Show Bio

Has anyone ever said to similar to Tom Hanks you look! Just a little darker.

#17 Posted by GTG12 (1575 posts) - - Show Bio

Doctor Doom looked the best in my opinion.

#18 Posted by RoTheKid (254 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow man. I REALLY love Sideshow Collectibles figures, BUT those prices!!! :P

#19 Posted by maxicere (936 posts) - - Show Bio

My God !!! I want all !!!

#20 Posted by Thezz (24 posts) - - Show Bio

Galactus O_O Woow

#21 Posted by TheHeat (452 posts) - - Show Bio

Deadpool and Dr. Doom, I want!

#22 Edited by Xenozoic Shaman (410 posts) - - Show Bio

@CommanderZx2 said:

Did they show off the upcoming Poison Ivy premium format statue?

I'm curious about this too. Also the Baroness Premium Format Figure.

Thanks for the vid Tony!

#23 Posted by Utandi (218 posts) - - Show Bio

I want all that collectibles in my personal trophy room!

Darn, i want a trophy room.... ;(

#24 Posted by Ganthetsward20 (687 posts) - - Show Bio

I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH, but will never own one.

#25 Posted by Spidey_Guy1 (62 posts) - - Show Bio

Simply amazing figures. I would need at least $100,000.00 to buy everything that I want at the Comic-con.

#26 Posted by primepower53 (5686 posts) - - Show Bio

I want that Galactus figure!

#27 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6885 posts) - - Show Bio

Sure is comforting to see a pre-Flashpoint Superman figure for a change.

#28 Edited by cloudzackvincent (1028 posts) - - Show Bio

awesome...wish i were in the u s of a...

#29 Posted by dcfox (159 posts) - - Show Bio

Drooling over that Galactus figure. Wasn't that impressed by the Wolverine. Also want that Catwoman.

#30 Posted by Dakens son (433 posts) - - Show Bio

@Savage_Hawkman said:

Hulk smash your wallet!


And especially wolverine is gonna SNIKT! your money!

#31 Posted by Decept-O (7280 posts) - - Show Bio

So much incredible detail on all these, I am just blown away. Thor had too much ale, perhaps? Wish he had his helmet.

The Galactus figure and Hulk figure..WOW. They all rock!

#32 Posted by Donovan Montgomery (5450 posts) - - Show Bio

Would love to have that Dr. Doom waiting at my front door for any unwanted company. He looks SCARY!

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