SDCC 2012: Lucasfilm Booth Tour

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Playing an MMO at Comic Con seems like a more glorious waste of time than standing around doing nothing. At least you can people watch for sick costumes doing the later!

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Babs your my SDCC Super heroine!

Thanks for all the great videos and interviews!

Next best thing to being there and I've only found this good of coverage on Comic Vine! - Thank you!

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Wait, why was RD-D2 on that fake Egyptian wall? Don't tell me that's in Raiders!

I need to go re-watch Raiders.

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Batteries not included!!! :)

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Okay I think I love Babs

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Wait, I know The Old Republic is only on PC but can you not use a PC controller to play the game? I mean I was honestly thinking about buying a PC strictly for gaming purposes so I could play this game but only if I could also use a PC controller (like a Madcatz or something) if not then no thanks, I'll just stick with DCUO on my PS3.

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I want that gladiatorial Stormtrooper helm!

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I just wanna know what that keyboard was it looked pretty slick anyone got any ideas?

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@MooseyMcMan: I think he is. Recently me and some guys watched and froze it at that point and you can see something resembling R2 if I'm not mistaken.

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@MooseyMcMan said:

Wait, why was RD-D2 on that fake Egyptian wall? Don't tell me that's in Raiders!

I need to go re-watch Raiders.

Yeah if you watch the making of Raiders they talk about R2 being in the hieroglyphs. It was done as a joke. I think C3PO might have been in one also. Another R2 appearence in Raiders is when the Nazis have Indy and Marion tied together before opening the Ark. At the very top of the structure Indy and Marion are tied to is R2's silver head. That came from the making of Raiders too.

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I would love to have a Jedi attire:)

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I need the force and lots of money :(

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