Watch sora_thekey's Shenanigans At Comic Con 2011

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The kid sometimes known simply as "Geo" got up into all kinds of mischief at the biggest convention of the year. Watch him chat up Deadpool and Cyclops, compete against Dennis Calero in a draw-off and even propose marriage to a superheroine in these videos below...

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Dennis Calero seems like a cool guy and he's a really good artist. He had the great idea for "Batman with a broom" where Batman uses it to smash into someones face. No shame in losing to him Sora. Thought your Wolverine was good as well.

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So I think I deserve congratulations since I'm getting married! (Watch the 2nd video all through)

@IrishX: I don't mind loosing... My favorite part off these draw-offs is that I keep their sketches n_n. Dennis is an awesome guy!

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@sora_thekey: If it means anything I just played the art video for my daughter (she's 8) and she liked your Wolverine better. That's cool that you keep the sketches.
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@IrishX: Awww! Tell your kid I say thanks!

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