SDCC 2011: Marvel Next Best Thing

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Running behind obviously. Here we go!

4:30- Intros. David Gabriel, Alexo Alejandro, Steven Wacker, Jonathan Hickman, Greg Pak, Daniel Way, Nick Spencer, and Jim McCann, who is not here yet. Arune Singh is hosting this. Who is the Ultimate Spider-Man. Ultimate Comics Spider Man #4 will have the answer. Jonathan Hickman is spearheading some new books. Ultimates and Ultimate Comics Hawkeye. These books will come out on time. He says it's one of the stronger things he's done at Marvel. September has the new Ultimate Spider-Man book.

4:35- Ultimate Comics X-Men comes out in September and is written by Nick Spencer. Paco Medina is on art. It's like an Ultimate comics revamp. That's what it sounds like.

== TEASER ==

4:40- "Three books to read one universe, not 52." Ouch. Hickman on FF. Blackbolt is returning in the last issue. Epting is back for issues 8 and 9. Gibson draws 10 and 11. Time for the Twelve. It's coming back. JMS is writing it. It will be released in February 2012.

4:45- Pak on Hulk: Certain themes are coming up. It’s been about a guy who’s insanely angry and wants to be alone, yet he surrounds himself with family.

The Hulk has been trying to protect his family and the final arc is called “Wishing Well.” Fing Fang Foom will be back. Other villains will be back as well.

4:50- Hulk of Arabia. Starting with issue #42. Red Hulk will go up against the Secret Avengers. I will have pictures up after this panel is over.

Evil Deadpool. Heroes have decided that Deadpool needs to be locked up. Foolkiller shows up. "It's the guy fool killer was born to kill," says Daniel Way. Evil Deadpool is a collection of Deadpools former body parts. "Deadpool will be one of the most wanted people in the world... This is a big one."

Villains for Hire is announced. Starts in November of this year. Deadliest villains come together under Missy from Heroes for Hire. Abnett is writing. Lanning on art. Art will be posted at the end.

4:55- Avengers Origins one-shots. Ant-Man and Wasp by Aguirre-Sacassa. Luke Cage in November. Kyle Higgins an Alec Siegel and Stephane Perger on the Vision Origins books in November. Scarlet Witch and Thor. They're lasting through these, so it's hard to get the names of the people on the book, but Kyle Higgins is right in front of me, so his name wasn't hard to get.

Avengers Academy with Gage and Sean Chen. New team. It's a mash-up of a bunch of different characters. This will also be out in November. Black Panther time. In September at 523.1 he will be "the most dangerous man alive." Black Panther will take on Kingpin. That will come out in November with issue #525.

John Carter: Princess of Mars comes out in September. Question and answer time... There is something very special at the end of this panel.

Q: Where is Power Pack? A: C.B. says the kids are out there. Odds are greater than not. Q: Ultimate Punisher? A: For now, they're concentrating on the main teams, but as the world grows, they will introduce more things.

5:00- Q: Cable and Deadpool match ups? A: Cable is dead. Q: Can Greg Pak reveal anything about Red She-Hulk? A: Red She-Hulk always made sense to him, since she's been around so many angry men and had to "eat her anger" all of these years. What happens to Betty is a huge part of "Heart of the Monster." Q: Iron Fist? A: Iron Fist news on Sunday during the Fear Itself panel.

5:05- Q: Will Ant-Man and Wasp joining the Avengers? A: Dead joke. I guess it referred to the film. No one knows. Q: What is planned with Kid Loki? A: C.B. states that there are some plans, and he's become more popular than they could have thought. They can't talk too much about it, but there are plans beyond Fear Itself. Q: Will Runaways ever come back? A: C.B. says that there are plans for the characters. The individual characters will pop up in different places. There are no plans for the team as a book though. They haven't had anyone bring them anything worthwhile essentially.

5:15- We all get Ashcans of Hulk in Arabia first issue, three months in advance. I feel special! Back to questions: Will the super heroes ever age? A: They already did that with Old Man Logan and Spider-Man Reign. Q: How about a collaboration between Marvel and DC? A: You don't see Ford and GM making a car together. They avoided the question, and it's something fans would want to see. Come on people. Ridiculous. Do it... Q: Are there going to be new GLTB characters? A: Alpha Flight! Northstar! Avengers Academy and a couple other books explore that and Generation Hope does that as well. Q: Moon Knight and Daken crossover? A: Moon Knight is in Daken's book in August. There will be more characters in California.

5:25- Was it necessary to kill Human Torch? Will he come back? A: I'm sure at some point he will, says Hickman. Hickman will keep him dead though. Q: Will the Parker family be in Shield? A: Hickman says they thought about it, and shot it around, but eventually shot it down. (My leg is asleep) Q: We never saw Human Torch die. A: Hickman says in the 50th anniversary will show his actual death.

Panel over. I picked up my copy of Hulk and left. Here are some pictures of the upcoming Marvel stuff in the order I talked about it.

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Can't wait for ultimate spiderman

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u can cut the tension between marvel and dc with a knife!
#3 Posted by harleyquinnhawkgirl (612 posts) - - Show Bio

yay avengers academy is continuing!!!!!!!!
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Evil Deadpool sounds good. 
EDIT: Evil Deadpool. Get it?

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The Twelve has peaked my curiosity.  I must say with Captain Ameirca coming out tonight at Midnight (tickets in hand and ready to roll) and Avengers next year and all the awesome comics I've been reading over the past few months and now with these sneak peaks at what were looking at in the future; Never never has it been a better time to be a Marvel Comics Fan.
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Cool new students at AA.
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@harleyquinnhawkgirl said:
yay avengers academy is continuing!!!!!!!!

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I'm getting really tired of Marvel's comments against DC. A few weeks ago they were ranting about how DC is trying Marvelize their universe. I don't think DC would do that. DC comics have always been pretty good. I'm just really feed up with Marvel right now.

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i 100 percent agree with you. dc is just trying something new and edgy and marvel is just jealous! plus i like dc more lol
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Nothing but clever and well executed Ideas here.

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 Ultimate Comics X-Men - So... SM is dead, Ultimate X took like a year to come out, and has the hulk for no fricking reason, and I'm supposed to pay attention to the NEW Ultimate X-men?  Why?  Are they gonna make lame-copy-rogue less lame?  Are spiderman's amazing friends (including Human Torch) gonna just be so cool w/o Pete?  Fail. 
Hulk - with DC resetting things, you really shouldn't reset the Hulk.  It's been going awesome.  Just keep it up. 
Red Hulk - while not quite wolverine continuity mess, Red Hulk's continutiy in his own book VS New Avengers/etc. is a nightmare.  And now he's going against Rodger's team, after Rodgers put him on NA.  Fail. 
"Evil Deadpool" - cool.  Too bad the only good DP book out now is Uncanny X-force.  Which current DP books ruin by existing.  
Villains for Hire - You know someone at Marvel has a hard on for H4H despite the distinctly non-heroic aspect of mercenaries.  V4H is awesome. 
Origins one-shots - bland. 
Academy - If we kill/get rid of the loser teachers this is still a bad X-men wannabe book.  But without a "Young Xmen" book, it's the best we have. 
Re:  Power Pack - STOP MESSING IT UP!  Put them in a book.  Make them all teenagers for all I care.  It's a nice, simple, "kids F4", and it should be written as such.  Lesbian retcons or not. 
Re:  Runaways - STOP MESSING IT UP!

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This is all good for the industry because it forces them all to do better, even other companies. BUT, as a DC fan, you can't really say you are beating Marvel. DC has had to rebooting the entire freakin' line. Its not like they are retooling Superman again or trying to fix Wonder Woman. The entire DC line up has been hit with the restart button again. 
This is two fold though, the comics and the properties into multimedia like movies, tv, etc. Pretty much anything other than Batman doesn't work. We will see if the new DCU will work. But this is not the place for a DC rant, I do enjoy what Marvel is doing with evolving some of their books. Really enjoyed both Avengers Academy and Heroes for Hire. Thunderbolts is also really cool. Oddly enough, Secret Avengers, New Avengers and Avengers have not seemed to been that great to me but those have higher expectations. 
Good luck to both companies though :)

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Avengers Academy is WAAAAY better then I ever expected.  Every month it's been so solid.  I'm just glad it's sticking around.  For once I am not excited about anything Marvel is doing.  I just want Fear Itself to end because it's just stupid.  I want my books to be back to normal. 
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@goldenkey: could not have said it better myself =)
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Looking forward to the new Avengers Academy lineup (kept the characters I liked most, lost the ones I care less about... adding Sean Chen as artist is icing).  Preview art looks nice.  The rest of the panel doesn't touch on any of the books I buy, but they seemed to be interesting announcements for those who care about them.

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Evil Deadpool? I'm in!

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I went to this panel. I asked the Power Pack question. 

#18 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

I almost read that as "Hulk of Arabia" and just about died laughing...

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Good job haydenclaireheroes.
Still RULK looks sort of interesting which is something i did not expect to say.
Academy was the big news though. They dropped my bottom three students which is great. But as much as I love Mettle this is the first time i think a team needs more guys. Still power pack, loners, initiative and runaways should keep it interesting.  Hope for Nico and Victor.

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nice looking preview

#21 Posted by ScarlettLynn (163 posts) - - Show Bio

"Three books to read one universe, not 52." Ouch. 
Someone mind explaining to me how that nonsensical attempt at a dig merits an "ouch"?

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Avengers Academy new direction has me PUMPED!!!

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wow there is absolutely nothing here that seems exciting to me what so ever. 
and i only read marvel and some indie titles,
guess i'll be reading those 52 titles that come out soon.

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Villains for hire? I feel like I've seen this before.

#25 Posted by The Mast (793 posts) - - Show Bio

The kept Hazmat in Avengers Academy. This is all I care about regarding that series.
That's a lie. I wish they'd kept the others around, or just got rid of a few. Not replaces all except Mettle and Hazmat.
-The Mast

#26 Posted by The_Warlord (1831 posts) - - Show Bio
@The Mast: They also kept Finesse in
#27 Posted by Joe Venom (1290 posts) - - Show Bio

That Runaways Answer was really bad news to my ears.............I had high hopes that they would be getting back together, they're a team who want's to see them individually? not me.

#28 Posted by fodigg (6211 posts) - - Show Bio
@shotodrag said:

Evil Deadpool? I'm in!

They should have called him "Red Deadpool" or "Dark Deadpool" or even "Dead Deadpool."
#29 Posted by Sobe Cin (602 posts) - - Show Bio

How come no asked about the future of the Thunderbolts- I'm sick of Luke Cage as part of the team.
#30 Posted by Sobe Cin (602 posts) - - Show Bio
   They should let Deadpool have a cross over with Spider-Island and then call him Spider-Pool.
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Lol at Marvel trying to get one over on DC.
Nothing here even interested me, and X-men is the book I collect the most.
Marvel fails at everything but movies lately. Go to DC for the comics people.

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Interesting. Hope the Hulk does become alone again with the exception of She-Hulk since she rocks and I hope he stays away from Betty.

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What is with all the ranting of DC again? Look, there are significantly more people interested in marvel - you just cannot dispute that. Besides that, it doesn't matter what "edgy" thing DC does; "It's boring"! I have tried reading DC multiple times, right now I can only read Batman Beyond, I was reading inFamous (I admit, it was awesome). Infamous did have marvel feel to it though. I'm not trying to get all fanboy on marvel... Some of their comics do suck... not many titles do, but some. BOOM comics are starting to get very interesting and I have a feeling they are going to be the next IMAGE. 
The only thing I can say for DC is that they have Icons. Like how people like the Icon of Elvis. They may not like their music, they do know cool when they see it.  
side note * 
Bendis you did almost screw up Ultimate Spider-man

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Villains for Hire sounds like a great idea!

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Confused. I thought this article was supposed to be about DC Comics? ;)
" Damn you Marvel for making comics!!!! GRAWL!!! "

#36 Posted by The_Lunatic (27 posts) - - Show Bio

Ugh, DC stop hating on Marvel, Marvel stop trying to make DC feel bad. Seriously, its like being in fucking High School on these forums. Fanboy/girl-ism is all good, but you can eat and enjoy your own cake, and let others enjoy their cake as well.  We can all just get along like good people.

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I'm actually a little curious what Marvel has planned for their September releases. They would be remiss to let DC own the fall uncontested.
Evil Deadpool sounds like yet another story for Marvel to exploit the already over-saturated character. This sort of reminds me of when they kicked Hulk off the planet. Now, the heroes all want Deadpool put away. Took them long enough to realize that. It would be interesting with X-Force came into this plot, but I doubt it.

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